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"Words & Pictures - What we learn from children"

December 23, 2010 / Exhibition

3331's main gallery is host for the next month to the special exhibition of photography, drawings and words of children from all over the world. This exhibition highlights the different experiences of children from countries all over the globe, while highlighting a universal humanity. With themed exhibitions centering around the self, family, friends, school, play, nature, life, sadness, fun, happiness and dreams visitors to the gallery are offered a new perspective of the world through the eyes of children.
This exhibition focuses upon children who have come from diverse backgrounds and many different parts of the world to settle in the UK. UK photographer Caroline Irby has undertaken a documentary project of these children and the children themselves have offered their own contributions to the exhibition with colourful drawings of the things which are important to them and which have had an impact on their lives. The UK is well known for its ethnic diversity and the exhibition reflects that the ability to find a place you belong beyond borders and language. A number of the children have come to the UK as refugees and have experienced great emotional and physical pain at a young age, but are still filled with an optimism which can inspire us all.
The exhibition also offers an opportunity to reflect on Japan's own increasingly diverse population and points towards a need to listen to the many voices, no matter how young, which contribute to this country, asserting that if we take the time to see the world through another's eyes then there is a greater possibilty to live in harmony.

What's in store for 2011?

December 21, 2010 / Exhibition

2011 is just over a week away and we have already a fully packed program to kick off the year.
With "Words and Pictures - Important things we learn from children - beyond time and borders" starting tomorrow and running until 23rd January this is a great opportunity to see the world through different eyes, those of children from different counrties all over the globe. With regular workshops, talk events and guided tours there is also plently of opportunity for all the family to get involved.
Following this exhibition we are proud to present the special exhibition of POCORART from 28th January-10th February. POCORART is based upon the philiosphy of open arts access to all. Running regular events at 3331 to open the centre to a wide range of people, especially those with disabilities, POCORART takes a step further this January/February to celebrate the talent of the next generation of young artists and creatives who have disabilities. With submissions from all over the country this will be a highly select but diverse exhibition presenting some of the most unique and exciting creative production being engaged in throughout Japan.
Next we have an international exhibition bringing together artists from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, as well as Japan, bringing their ecletic cultures and experiences together to shine new light on the local neighbourhood of Chiyoda and wider Tokyo. The artists will be joining in a one month residency program in which they will produce original work in response to their new environment as well as engaging directly with local residents and visitors to 3331 through workshops and participatory events.

And as if that wasn't enough, the second half of March sees the launch of our schooling program "Arts Field Tokyo" presents its graduation exhibition with a fully curated show entitled "Social Divers" bringing a group of young artists together who experiment in social disciplines of art.

Plenty of reasons to look forward to 2011!

+81 Voyage Northern Europe Special Edition

December 10, 2010 / Exhibition

Dates: 10th Decmber (Friday) - 26th December (Sunday)
Closed on: Monday & Tuesday
Opening Times: 12:00-19:00
Admission: Free
Venue: 204 (+81 gallery + lab)
Artist: Yoneda Wataru
In +81 Voyage Northern Europe Special Edition, director Yamashita Satoru introduces the work of photographer Yoneda Wataru, who has travelled across Denmark, Norway and Sweden, documenting the regions landscapes. From the architecture of Jacobsen and Aspland, to the further reaches of the North Cape, Yoneda captures the breathtaking scenes of Northern Europe.
With the support of tourist boards and embassies, +81 is pleased to present this special introduction to Scandinavia, including travel information. Introducing landscapes and culture wholly fitting for the winter season, this exhibition also offers great Christmas gifts, including a Scandinavian photo collection.    

"Why do people draw pictures?" Hibino Katsuhiko - last few days!

December 10, 2010 / Exhibition

The 13th December is the final day of Hibino Katsuhiko's solo exhibition. Over a period of 6 weeks the prolific work of Hibino has permeated all spaces of 3331, not just the gallery. From the original Asatte Asagao Project, with Morning Glory plants growing up the front of the building, to the huge vessels of the FUNE project, with monumental ships situated on the wood deck and in the community space, to the raucous Hibino Cup, a fierce competition of "creative" soccer on the rooftop, not to mention the numerous talk sessions, there have been numreous events reflecting the multiple aspects of Hibino's artistic pursuits. These events have not only be limited to the arts field, but have engaged a wide range of experties including archaeology, geology and deep sea diving, engaging in discussions of all levels and expanding the territory which art may extend to through exchange with many other fields.
Visitors have also been given the chance to join in this exhibition and accomanying events on various different levels, from the direct and simple pleasure of viewing the work on display, to joining the heated discussions between Hibino and his counterparts, to collecting the seeds of the Morning Glory plants, to exerting some real energy and joining the Hibino Cup. But perhaps one of the highlights of this program has been Hibino's "Crane Painting", hanging 30m in the air, the lone artist spent the whole day on 14th November creating a new work especially for the front of 3331, drawing crowds from all over the neighbourhood who watched and cheered him on throughout his creative process.
If you haven't already seen the exhibition don't miss your chance!

Insideout / Tokyo Project Talk Session #2 "Cinema Revolution"

December 10, 2010 / Event

Insideout / Tokyo Project Talk Session #2 "Cinema Revolution"
Date: 9th January (Sunday) 2011
Time: 19:00-20:30(Doors Open 18:30)
Capacity:50 (Reservation is not required)
Venue: 1F Lounge

Speakers: Kishida Kuniaki (Director of Takada Sekaikan) Ootsuki Takahiro (Head of Tollywood/Pole Pole Higashi Nakano Advisor) Ishikawa Hiroshi(Film Director) Ishiyama Takuma(ZERODATE)
Insideout / Tokyo Project
Talk Session #2 "Cinema Revolution: How a Small Cinema Theatre can change your Neighbourhood"
The art project "Zerodate", initiated by creative individuals from Odate, Akita, have taken on the disused cinema "Onari-za" as a new cultural centre for the city. What kind of possibilities can be found in the space of a cinema? Can a regenerated cinema contribute to the local community? What is it that only a small scale cinema can achieve?
This talk event brings together director of the historic Takada Sekaikan (Niigata), the head of Tollywood and Pole Pole Higashinakano (Tokyo) which is a gateway to young film directors, as well as Odate film director Ishikawa Hiroshi, plus other guests.

*Please note event conducted in Japanese only

Tokyo Culture Creation Project
Non-Profit Arts Organization CommandN
3331 Arts Chiyoda

■Insideout/Tokyo Project   

POCORART Exhibition

December 10, 2010 / 


POCOART is an initiative to open access to the arts for all and to celebrate the creative acitivity of people of all abilities. From 28th January - 10th February 2011 3331 will be hosting a special exhibition of works by artists and creative individuals with disabilities. This is an open call exhibition accepting submissions from all over the country, and aims to provide a unique opportunity to encounter the diverse expressions of creatives from all regions of Japan.

Upcoming Exhibition : Words & Pictures

December 10, 2010 / Exhibition

3331 will be hosting an exhibition of words, picutres and photographs from children all over the world from 22nd December - 23rd January. Featuring the touching photographs of Caroline Irby, along with the messages and drawings of young contributors, this is a heart warming exhibition perfect for the Christmas and New Year Season to be enjoyed by all the family.

Mark Durkan : 3331 Artist in Residence

December 5, 2010 / Info

Dublin based artist Mark Durkan is our artist in residence this month from 1st-14th December. His stay may only be a short one but he has alot planned for the next two weeks. He dived straight in by giving the staff of 3331 a presentation about his recent works on the very day he arrived, after a long flight from Ireland.mark.jpg
You can see some example of Mark's works on his blog:
Mark has a wide ranging practice from sculpture, to performance, to netart and shows confidence in all of these vocabularies. Particularly in his performance work he has been exploring the line between one's own being and that of an imaginary character, how one is able to transform oneself through taking on a character in a performative context but how the line between persona and seld can "bleed" into one another to a point where they can not be extricated. He has particulary engaged in this discourse through participation in an event organized by performance artist Brody Condon in LA.
When asked what his plans are for Tokyo Mark outlined a plan to create performances in public spaces in the city where public webcams are set up, so that friends and colleagues in Ireland can also participate in viewing his actions, which may make wistful reference to the economic breakdown of his home country.
Mark is not only an artist but also a curator and arts consultant. He is involved in a number of large scale projects in Ireland and runs his own creative arts organization. He has been casting an insightful and critical eye over the art scene in Tokyo, offering his own informed response to what he has been met with here. Taking on the stimulation from the city and its creative channels Mark has also pursued a number of artistic experiments using the simple materials he finds around him.

Takakura Yoshinori : Parasite - Gain from Life

December 5, 2010 / Exhibition

Takakura Yoshinori launched his solo exhibition in our 3331 gallery this week, with strikingly vibrant works.

Artist Statement:
The strength of something that lies in the depths of our mind, something which goes beyond words.When we look at the contemporary world we are faced with the extreme action of a battle which has become common place, where the reckless wielding of power is rampant.The loss of morals and the desires which enwrap us as humans is what Takakura takes as his motif.


Hibino Cup

December 4, 2010 / 

Today saw the grand competition of Hibino Cup, an original take on soccer which brings art and sports together. Mixed teams of children and adults, including 3331's very own staff, fought for the prize trophy on the 3331 rooftop throughout the day. See the photos below to appreciate the teams' creative and physical efforts, as they not only played soccer but designed their own original goal posts and team shirts.


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