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+81 Voyage Northern Europe Special Edition


Dates: 10th Decmber (Friday) - 26th December (Sunday)
Closed on: Monday & Tuesday
Opening Times: 12:00-19:00
Admission: Free
Venue: 204 (+81 gallery + lab)
Artist: Yoneda Wataru
In +81 Voyage Northern Europe Special Edition, director Yamashita Satoru introduces the work of photographer Yoneda Wataru, who has travelled across Denmark, Norway and Sweden, documenting the regions landscapes. From the architecture of Jacobsen and Aspland, to the further reaches of the North Cape, Yoneda captures the breathtaking scenes of Northern Europe.
With the support of tourist boards and embassies, +81 is pleased to present this special introduction to Scandinavia, including travel information. Introducing landscapes and culture wholly fitting for the winter season, this exhibition also offers great Christmas gifts, including a Scandinavian photo collection.    

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