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B1F/2F - Galleries

At 3331 Arts Chiyoda, over 10 art galleries occupy spaces formerly used as classrooms. Here, diverse galleries hold their own exhibitions and events based on their original concepts and selection of artists.


Installation view/61st Exhibition "STATIC SCOPE"

An alternative space run by Tama Art University that aims at supporting and building careers of art university graduates. Every year, the space holds 8 group exhibitions curated and produced by artists themselves. In addition, symposiums and talks by invited artists and critics offer reflections on exhibitions through discourse. The space serves an important role as a base for young artists to spread their new expressions.

Kyoto Institute of Technology - KYOTO Design Lab Tokyo Gallery

© KYOTO Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology

A gallery space run by Kyoto Institute of Technology. The research organization held within the university “KYOTO Design Lab (D-lab)” is focused on finding solutions to social issues through architecture and design. The Tokyo gallery showcases resulting reports and exhibitions of D-lab projects involving experts across various fields. Beyond the university, the space serves as a place of exchange for all kinds of people.

Gallery KIDO Press

Installation view/Tabaimo solo-exhibition

A press studio for printing and publication by artists active at the frontier of the Japanese and international art scene. The space was founded by Hitoshi Kido upon returning to Japan after working as a master printer at press studio ULAE in New York. Up until now the gallery has held exhibitions of works by artists representative of Japan, including Tomoko Konoike, Tabaimo, and Atsuhiko Misawa, along with presentations of their most recent prints. Moreover, esteemed overseas artists are introduced, including Wisut Ponnimit, Kiki Smith, John Currin, and others. The gallery also showcases prints by up and coming artists.

ex-chamber museum

A gallery exhibiting contemporary artworks originally selected by director Seiji Makuuchi. From miniature paintings and realism to precisely crafted three-dimensional pieces, ex-chamber museum focuses on introducing artists with great technical skill. Varying widely in material and method, each creation shared through the gallery's exhibitions displays overwhelming detail.

nap gallery

Installation view/Miho Shirai "Book of Silence"

A beautiful contemporary art space that makes use of natural lighting. With a focus on vintage and emerging photography, the gallery also deals with paintings and three-dimensional work. Moreover, the space is used for artist talks, performances, and other events. Aiming to build a place where all types of people engaged in the art scene can gather and communicate with humor, new and creative activities are brought to the gallery every day.


The Tokyo branch of Gallery OUT of PLACE based in Nara introduces contemporary artists working in Japan and overseas. The name “OUT of PLACE” refers to the title of Edward Said’s autobiography with the concept that a person without a place of belonging is able to generate an original pathway with a new set of values. Following this thinking, the gallery showcases a wide range of expressions from artists who are young and emerging, as well as those with deep, established philosophies and concepts.

A/A gallery A/A shop (Able Art Japan)

"Eyes for Color"/photo:NOOK

The gallery and office of ABLE ART JAPAN, an NPO that puts art and disability at the core toward building a society that accepts different ways of being. In 2010, A/A gallery started exhibiting and selling artwork by people with disabilities. From 2012 on, it has served as an art space that connects society with the expressions of those with disabilities, offering opportunities for discussion, exchange, and creation.

ARTDYNE / Nii Fine Arts Tokyo

A space cooperatively run by two galleries. ARTDYNE, introduces outstanding artists with a combined sense of concept, context, and quality going beyond national borders. Nii Fine Arts, is base in Osaka and is focused on creating opportunities for people to freely interact with art. Both galleries introduce artworks across all genres, including painting, photography, and sculpture. The curated exhibitions, each with their own concept, allow visitors to enjoy a different world of art every time.

Bambinart Gallery

Installation view/Kyohei Naito solo-exhibition

A contemporary art gallery that holds independent exhibitions and art sales. Many young artists discovered by the owner himself are introduced here. Each exhibition presents all kinds of painting styles, as well as conceptual and highly skilled works, allowing visitors to encounter different expressions every time. In a space that makes use of the artist's originality viewers can fully immerse themselves in a distinct world view. The gallery also accepts consultations regarding art collections based on budget and objective.

CfSHE Gallery

Installation view/works of Kate MacDonagh and Lucy May Schofield from MI-LAB Residency Upper Advanced Course

A gallery run by MI-LAB (Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory), which introduces the methods and materials of Japanese water-based woodblock printmaking to artists within Japan and across the world. With an aim at adapting Mokuhanga to contemporary art, MI-LAB also operates an artist-in-residence located at the base of Mt. Fuji near Lake Kawaguchi. The gallery plans exhibitions by resident artists and young Japanese artists and holds events like seminars and artist talks.

sagacho archives

sagacho archives COLLECTION plus, 1 Shinro Ohtake/photo:Hiroki Kishima

Known internationally as the first alternative art space founded in Japan, "SAGACHO EXHIBIT SPACE" has transmitted works by artists like Yasumasa Morimura, Rei Naito, and Shinro Ohtake, having spread the most current progressive art for 17 years between 1983 and 2000. "sagacho archives" is a place where the activities, archives, and art collections of “sagacho exhibit space" were verified, exhibited, shared, and learned about. Changing the shape of archives into something new to be showcased, it continues to build on to today's history.