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"Words & Pictures - What we learn from children"


3331's main gallery is host for the next month to the special exhibition of photography, drawings and words of children from all over the world. This exhibition highlights the different experiences of children from countries all over the globe, while highlighting a universal humanity. With themed exhibitions centering around the self, family, friends, school, play, nature, life, sadness, fun, happiness and dreams visitors to the gallery are offered a new perspective of the world through the eyes of children.
This exhibition focuses upon children who have come from diverse backgrounds and many different parts of the world to settle in the UK. UK photographer Caroline Irby has undertaken a documentary project of these children and the children themselves have offered their own contributions to the exhibition with colourful drawings of the things which are important to them and which have had an impact on their lives. The UK is well known for its ethnic diversity and the exhibition reflects that the ability to find a place you belong beyond borders and language. A number of the children have come to the UK as refugees and have experienced great emotional and physical pain at a young age, but are still filled with an optimism which can inspire us all.
The exhibition also offers an opportunity to reflect on Japan's own increasingly diverse population and points towards a need to listen to the many voices, no matter how young, which contribute to this country, asserting that if we take the time to see the world through another's eyes then there is a greater possibilty to live in harmony.

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