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"Why do people draw pictures?" Hibino Katsuhiko - last few days!


The 13th December is the final day of Hibino Katsuhiko's solo exhibition. Over a period of 6 weeks the prolific work of Hibino has permeated all spaces of 3331, not just the gallery. From the original Asatte Asagao Project, with Morning Glory plants growing up the front of the building, to the huge vessels of the FUNE project, with monumental ships situated on the wood deck and in the community space, to the raucous Hibino Cup, a fierce competition of "creative" soccer on the rooftop, not to mention the numerous talk sessions, there have been numreous events reflecting the multiple aspects of Hibino's artistic pursuits. These events have not only be limited to the arts field, but have engaged a wide range of experties including archaeology, geology and deep sea diving, engaging in discussions of all levels and expanding the territory which art may extend to through exchange with many other fields.
Visitors have also been given the chance to join in this exhibition and accomanying events on various different levels, from the direct and simple pleasure of viewing the work on display, to joining the heated discussions between Hibino and his counterparts, to collecting the seeds of the Morning Glory plants, to exerting some real energy and joining the Hibino Cup. But perhaps one of the highlights of this program has been Hibino's "Crane Painting", hanging 30m in the air, the lone artist spent the whole day on 14th November creating a new work especially for the front of 3331, drawing crowds from all over the neighbourhood who watched and cheered him on throughout his creative process.
If you haven't already seen the exhibition don't miss your chance!

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