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2017年 3331 Arts Chiyodaより新年のご挨拶



しかし現在、世界の社会状況は戦前に戻るかのような、過激で不安な時代に突入しています。とても諫鼓鶏が鳴くような世相ではありません。だからこそ、私たちアーツ千代田3331は、自分たちで自分たちの未来を創造するためにも、諫鼓鶏を広い野に放ちこの諫鼓を打ち鳴らします。言いかえると、3331発の多くの展覧会やイベントが時代を変えるメッセージとなり、誰しも打たなかった諫鼓を打ち鳴らし続けているのです 。2017年、アーツ千代田 3331は、全スタッフそれぞれの音色で諫鼓を響かせ行進します。

アーツ千代田 3331 統括ディレクター 中村政人


Happy New Year!

Seen atop festival floats, the kanko drum was stricken as a forewarning, sounded in the Imperial Court by citizens long ago. It is said that the drum went unused until moss grew and a rooster came to nest and crow on it. This is the origin of the kanko-dori (the rooster atop the drum), considered a symbol of peace and wealth.
However, the reality of today's global society is plunging into a radical and uneasy era, as if returning to war. These are certainly not social conditions in which the rooster would crow. For this reason, we at 3331 Arts Chiyoda will set the kanko-dori free in a wide field, so that we may create our own future. Said another way, the many exhibitions and events from 3331 will be a call for change, continuing to sound the kanko drum that had gone unused.
This 2017, 3331 Arts Chiyoda will march forth with the unique voice of each and every staff member, striking the kanko drum. We hope that this year, you will support us by joining our parade.

3331 Arts Chiyoda, Supervising DirectorMasato Nakamura


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