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2016年 3331 Arts Chiyodaより新年のご挨拶

2010年に立ち上げたアーツ千代田 3331もおかげさまで6 年目に突入します。
24 時間活動する3331を365日安全に稼働し、魅力ある空間をつくり続けています。
これまでに約1200 本のイベントや展覧会が行われ、 約280 万人の人が参加してくれています。
ひとつのアイディアが33 31とつながり、多くの人達とシンクロし街の創造力となる。 そんな街のクリエイティブエンジンとして、アーツ千代田 3331は今年もフルスペックで走り出します。

アーツ千代田 3331 統括ディレクター 中村政人


Happy New Year !
It is thanks to your kind support that 3331 Arts Chiyoda will be plunging into its sixth year.
Since opening its doors in 2010, our team has grown from just five to over thirty staff members !
3331 has been active and safely running 24 hours a day,
365 days a year in the continuous aim of creating an engaging space.
To date, we have had the honor of welcoming nearly 2,800,000
participants to the nearly 1,200 events and exhibitions held here.
" I want to share, realize and discuss the ideas that come to my mind! "
Day by day, 3331 is full of these future - shaping ideas.
One idea becomes connected to 3331, and is then synchronized with many other people,
contributing to the creative power of the city. As a creative engine for this city,
3331 Arts Chiyoda will be running at full power this year, too.
We look forward to your support this coming year

3331 General Director, Masato NAKAMURA

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