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AIR 3331 Ongoing Open Call for 2020 - 2022 Residencies & Measures Taken with Regards to COVID-19

AIR 3331

Although our most recent open call closed on August 21, 2020, AIR 3331 OPEN CALL will continue to accept applications for residencies without a set deadline. We aim at keeping our program open so that artists may apply to join us at a time that best suits their situation, along with the easing of Japan's entry policy with regards to the worldwide situation of COVID-19. Artists may currently apply for 1 to 3-month periods up until February 28, 2022. For residencies beyond this date, we will make an announcement later in 2021.
*Please note, although there is no specific deadline, this ongoing open call may be closed if spaces become unavailable.

Regarding the above ongoing open call, AIR 3331 has adjusted its program to suit worldwide safety measures and help accommodate artists in light of COVID-19. Please see below for the current changes made to our program.
*These changes apply to all those who have applied or will be applying for residencies between September 21, 2020 to February 28, 2022.

1) Determining whether an artist may participate in AIR 3331
AIR 3331 coordinators will stay in contact with artists and provide updates on the conditions of entry into Japan. If the nation of the artist's base of activity remains among the list of those restricted by Japan, or if there is a required quarantine period that affects the artist's project in Tokyo, AIR 3331 reserves the right to decline the artist's participation at that given time.

2) Change in method of acceptance and payment policy
Although AIR 3331 usually reviews the entire pool of applicants in determining acceptance, due to the ongoing nature of this current open call, each applicant will be reviewed individually and contacted regarding the result. See below for a basic schedule:

Application deadline --- Ongoing based on availability
Notification of results --- Within 1 week of application date
Agreement & invoice sent --- Within 2 weeks of application date
Payment deadline --- 1 month before arrival
Pre-arrival instructions & initial meeting --- 1 month before arrival

As listed in the schedule above, the payment deadline for residencies will be extended to 1 month before the starting date of the residency. If the artist's residency is postponed (see item 3 below), the payment deadline may be further extended upon discussion with coordinators.

3) Regarding postponement
Upon discussion between the artist and coordinators, if the project cannot be held in Japan during the residence dates, the artist may postpone their residency to a period of the same length anywhere up until February 28, 2022.
- the preferred postponement period may not be available if it is already booked.
- the option to postpone is only offered to those who have applied during this 2020 open call.

4) Pre-cautions when holding events
The artist must abide by the rules set by AIR 3331 and the base of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. In general, during an event the artist must work with the coordinators in ensuring the below conditions:
- The space is constantly ventilated
- All participants wear masks
- Visitor numbers are restricted (reservation system may be employed)
- Alcohol sanitizer is provided
- Visitors provide their personal information
- No events may be held involving food or drink (i.e. opening or closing parties)
- Other measures deemed necessary by AIR 3331

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these uncertain times. It is our biggest hope to continue working with creators despite difficulties, and to welcome them to Tokyo when worldwide measures have eased.

Wishing for the safety and health of creators worldwide,

AIR 3331 Team

Deadline: ongoing (depending on availability)
Residency period: up until February 28, 2022
Residency length: 1 - 3 months*
How to apply:
*1-month counted as 28 days

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