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AIR 3331 Launches its First Ever Hotel Residency in Collaboration with NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO

Discover Akihabara, stay in comfort, and create artwork all at once! As its first ever collaboration with a hotel, AIR 3331 will start a residency in which artists may stay at the newly opened NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO with the opportunity to work inside 3331 Arts Chiyoda, a major alternative art center. Both located at the heart of Akihabara, residents can quickly access the studio just 5 minutes walking from the hotel, while immersed in the bustling scene of the electronics and anime/manga district. AIR 3331 is accepting applications for this special plan starting September 28, 2020 for residencies between October 19, 2020 to March 31, 2021.キービジュアル_nohga_akihabara7818_fin.jpg 公園03 のコピー.jpg Recently opened in September 2020, NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO is the second of a series of hotels that combine comfort with the uniqueness of location, locally crafted goods, music, and fine art. NOHGA HOTEL has exhibited up-and-coming artists in its spaces since its establishment, and now aims at delving deeper into artists' creative processes through its first-time involvement with an artist in residence. Its spacious rooms provide state of the art amenities within originally designed interiors full of charming details.外観_正方形 のコピー.jpgベッド2種画像.jpg For this hotel plan, AIR 3331 will offer the Studio & Gallery IN 3331 located right inside the hub of 33331 Arts Chiyoda. Not only a private workspace, the studio gives participants the chance to interact with the 3331 environment on a daily basis. Serving as both a studio and a gallery, events may also be held here, in which creators can make exchanges and lasting connections with other artists and members of the art field. B1082種画像.jpgAs a special plan in collaboration with NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO, this residency is coordinated separately from our standard OPEN CALL program. With the added comfort of a hotel stay, the artist will undertake their artwork production and/or event independently. AIR 3331 will offer services including posting the artist's profile on the website, sharing information through 3331 related social media, and the chance to rent equipment or additional space at a discounted fee.

"NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO × AIR 3331" is a rare opportunity to stay within a brand-new hotel and work inside 3331, all while immersing oneself in the center of Akihabara's energy.
Apply now for this limited time residency!

Apply: September 28 (Mon), 2020 - March 10 (Wed), 2021
Length of residency: 1-week or 2-week option
Residencies between: October 19 (Mon) - March 31 (Wed), 2021 *limited-time

Inquiries: residence(at)3331(dot)jp
*When e-mailing, change (at) to @ and (dot) to .

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