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Limited Time Only! AIR 3331 Offers 24-Hour Rental Studios & Workspaces at the Heart of Tokyo

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Located in central Akihabara are AIR 3331's artistic bases at Iwamotocho and 3331 Arts Chiyoda where people of all backgrounds engage in creativity every day. Although usually serving the program's resident artists, for a limited time AIR 3331 will be offering the chance to apply for 24-hour studio and workspace rentals. Whether you're looking for a studio to develop a project, or simply a place to focus on work, find your ideal space through AIR 3331!

▼AIR 3331 Iwamotocho Residence & Studio
▼3331 Arts Chiyoda

AIR 3331 has two studio locations - the Iwamotocho Studio and Studio & Gallery IN 3331.
The Iwamotocho Studio is a vast and airy space that can be shared with up to 4 participants. Individuals with large projects or events may also book the entire studio. Fully made up with white-washed walls and spotlights, along with a set of basic tools, it is fit for any type of creative project or exhibition.

The Studio & Gallery IN 3331 is a private studio located right inside the hub of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. Those looking to work and exhibit within 3331's art scene will find both focus and networking opportunities here. Dually equipped as a studio and a gallery space, it functions ideally for production and exhibition.

AIR 3331 will also be renting out workspaces located on the third and fourth floors at Iwamotocho. The third-floor workspaces are large enough for extensive projects such as installations or those involving media and larger equipment. At a smaller scale, the fourth-floor rooms are best used for concentrated research or computer work.

Anyone may apply for a space through AIR 3331 starting from August 31, 2020. Spaces may be used up until March 31, 2021 for 1-month periods (the length of the period may be adjusted upon discussion with AIR 3331 coordinators). We look forward to receiving your applications and seeing your creativity unfold!
[Application Details]
Program: Limited Time Offer! AIR 3331 Studio & Workspace Rental
Application period: August 31, 2020 - February 26, 2021
For limited time use between: September 7, 2020 - March 31, 2021
Hours of use: 24-hours (check-in and check-out: Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 15:00)
Length of use: 1-month or more (to adjust to a preferred length, contact AIR 3331 coordinators)
Note: "Limited Time Offer! AIR 3331 Studio & Workspace Rental" is not an artist in residence program. Only the space is provided to the applicant without additional support or services.
Inquiries: residence(at)3331(dot)jp (when e-mailing change (at) to "@" and (dot) to ".")

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