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Change in gallery closing day

Press Release

As of the next exhibition "3331 Independents" beginning on 8th September 2010, the gallery closing day will change from Monday to Tuesday. As national holidays often fall on Mondays we would like to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to visit 3331 and so have decided to change the regular closing day. We apologize for any inconvenience.

1. Until 29th August the gallery will continue to be closed on Mondays.
2. As of 8th September the gallery will be closed on Tuesdays.
 In the case that Tuesday is a national holiday the gallery will close on the following Wednesday. In the case of consecutive national holidays or exhibitions led by other organizations other than 3331 it may be that the gallery closure falls on a different day. Please check the specific event information for full details.

National Holidays on Tuesdays
(in which case the gallery will close on the following Wednesday)
23rd November 2010
3rd May 2011
20th March 2012
1st January 2013

Please note
In the case of exhibitions led by outside organizations it may be that gallery closure falls on a different day or is open throughout the event period.

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