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Tokyo DIY Gardening Workshop


Tokyo DIY Gardening Workshop took place at 3331 on 21st September 2010, led by Jared Braiterman and Chris Berthelsen. The workshop brought together participants from all parts of Tokyo to investigate its green and grey areas.

Jared Braiterman is currently a researcher at Tokyo University of Agriculture and has established "Tokyo Green Space" to investigate creative solutions to the lack of readily availiable green spaces in the centre of the city.

Chris Bethelsen has been researching the DIY spirit of Tokyo's locals in "Fixes" highlighting alterations of space/objects at the public/private boundary in suburban Tokyo.

The workshop was a great success, with all participants highly enthused to engage in dialogue about their experiences of Tokyo's green side. Kicking off with an insightful presentation by Jared, the group then got going with some pre-gardening excerise (the importance of which Chris emphasised to us all), then the group began on the main task. To map the green and grey of Tokyo.

Starting with a plain sheet of paper, with a single green circle upon it (yes the yamanote line) the group began to map out Tokyo and to share their personal experinces of nature filled places, and others where these are severly lacking. The end result was an impressively multi-dimensional schematic of the concrete city which suprisingly has a great deal of green if you look carefully.

Thanks to Jared and Chris for a great workshop and we look forward to their further activities.







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