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Elisabeth Smolarz & Lucie Kim : Artists in Residence

As of 5th September two artists hailing from America, Elisabeth Smolarz and Lucie Kim will be joining the 3331 Artist & Curator Residence Program. Both artists pursue a highly participatory and socially engaged practice which questions the structures and social norms of society. Elisabeth Smolarz has been involved in a long term project "The One Hundred Dollar Project" which is being carried out in all the G8+5 member countries, questioning what people will do for one hundred dollars for 1 hour of work. This project will be realized as a video installation, and Japan will be her 10th installment. Smolarz plans to collaborate with local people in the realization of this project. What will you do for $100?


Lucie Kim is also undertaking a project which involves the participation of local residents. In "Wake Up/Make Up" Kim is calling for Tokyo's female population to reveal their "true" selves, asking them to have their photo taken immediately after waking up, and then again when they have dressed and made their face up. Full details are below:


Looking for Participants:
I am looking for women who will allow me to photograph them right when they wake up
and once they put make up on. You do not need to wear a lot make up. The project just
shows the difference between the private and public image.

About the Project:
In 2003 I have started the Wake Up/ Make Up Project. Each morning I take a picture of myself immediately after I wake up and once I have put make up on and am ready to leave my apartment.
The project stems from the realization that women only show their unadorned self to a
selected group of people. For most women it is only the close family that sees them without make up. The project grew to include other women. The ongoing photography project highlights the difference of the public image and the private one.
Lucie Kim -

Elisabeth Smolarz and Lucie Kim will be in residence between 5th-24th September.

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