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Food Lab 3331


Food Lab 3331 brings a range of delicious meals and drinks to 3331. With a highly original approach to cuisine, with also a sensitivity to the environment, Food Lab 3331 expresses its flair for food creativity, where one can appreciate art and culinary satisfaction at the same time. With tables laid out across the wood-deck at the entrance of 3331 as well as around the café area, a relaxed welcoming atmosphere is created where you can savour a unique dish while also soaking up the creative energy of the art infused surroundings. Food Lab 3331 also includes its own exhibition space and will be collaborating with artists to realize innovative new projects for this site. In addition Food Lab 3331 will also be hosting a series of events including inviting special guests, leading culinary experts, to facilitate workshops and presentations.
As the first in these collaborations Food Lab 3331 has invited Chaco Kato to realize her "A Law of Wheat : Slow Wheat Project" within the café itself. In this project visitors to the café may help to nurture colonies of fresh wheat and eventually create a rejuvenating wheat juice drink from the leaves.

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