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KAERU Station Open

kaeru4.jpg© Ujin Matsuo

KAERU Station
Already a great hit from its very first day of opening, captivating not only children but also adults alike, this magical forest of toys is a treasure-trove for anyone young at heart. Bearing a remarkable resemblance to a giant "pick'n'mix" sweet stall, KAERU station offers a mouth-watering assortment of brightly coloured goodies to play with. This 5 year commission work of Hiroshi Fuji is to be permanently based in the entrance of 3331 creating a special place of communication for children (and their taller counter-parts). Children are free to play and have fun with the whole collection of toys here and they can also exchange their old toys for something they might find a little more interesting at KAERU station. In this Aladdin's cave a whole range of workshops and events will also be taking place regularly providing creative ideas of re-using old toys to make something new. By participating in these events children can collect kaekko points and use these to trade for toys at KAERU station. Already packed with buggies and the patter of little feet, KAERU station is sure to become the local hang out spot for kids of all ages.

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