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Be part of the Grand Open!

Be part of the Grand Open!
3331 presents Tokyo : Part 2

3331 is holding the second stage of the exhibition celebrating its grand opening from 7th-29th August. In "Part 2" further organizations resident at 3331 will present their own select works reflecting their wide social engagement which includes promoting artists with disabilities, supporting the creativity of highschool students and researching the role of art in society. In addition to their exhibitions there will also be a dedicated space for other organizations and creative practitioners to present their activities, whether in the form of exhibition, information display or participatory event.

As part of this program 3331 is particualrly keen to highlight the rich diversity of Tokyo's population and highlight the significant contribution made by the city's international community to this creative environment. Celebrating Tokyo's multitude of cultures 3331 is calling for groups and individuals who are similarly engaged in creative and social action including not only art & design but also the environment, health, education, community, human rights, international exchange and more. If you are interested to participate in this exhibition please refer to the guidelines below.

Booth: Participants are able to hire booths in the exhibition hall for the presentation of their activities each booth is 4m x 2.4m at the cost of 35000yen for 6 days (24th-29th August). A space for workshops, discussions and events is also availiable.

Deadline for application: 3rd July
How to Submit: Please send the following details to
Name of Organization:
Name of Representative:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Documentation of organization/individual activities + plan of materials to be presented in the exhibition

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