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Grand Opening 26th June!!

Just over a week to go to the Grand Opening of 3331 and we are full speed ahead with preparations not only for the special exhibition celebrating this occasion "3331 Presents Tokyo : Part 1" but also with putting the finishing touches to a whole host of new facilities about to open in this interdisciplinary arts centre.

3331 opened its doors in March of this year and already in a short space of time has become the active hub it aspires to. Already it has presented two major exhibitions "Look if you like but you will have to leap" and "Total Affirmation : OK. Perfect. Yes - Kosei Sasaki". It has held an international symposium for Asian Alternative Art Spaces, including participants from Singapore, Taiwan, China and Korea, as well as realizing two artist in residence programs with Taiwanese and Japanese artists. 3331 has also held numerous talk events, workshops, performance and live music events which engage all sections of the arts and local community. All of this in tandem with the multiple activities of the 30 creative organizations based at 3331. But this is only the first step.

The 26th June marks the next phase in 3331's vision. With the full opening of the centre's complete range of spaces and facilities 3331 takes the next leap in creating a brand new culture to encompass Tokyo, Japan and its wider international network.


Here is an overview of 3331's facilities and projects.

"3331 Presents Tokyo" 26th June-25th July 2010
An ambitious exhibition which aims to provide a unique insight into the phenomenon which is Tokyo, from the perspective of 3331 and its resident practitioners. With works specially selected by fine art and design organizations based at 3331 the eclectic exhibition will reflect the diversity of both 3331 and Tokyo itself and point towards the new culture which 3331 gives rise to.

Kaeru Station
A 3331 5 year commission project by the artist Hiroshi Fuji, Kaeru Station is a special point of exchange for children creating a new form of communication through the trading of old unwanted toys for "kaekko points" which can be exchanged for toys you do want. This toy paradise will be permanently hosted in the 3331 foyer space and will not only be a space to exchange toys but will also be an active space of participation, facilitating various workshops for both children and adults alike.

Asatte Asagao Project
Part of a 5 year 3331 commissioned project led by artist Katsuhiko Hibino Asatte Asagao Project involves the cultivation of morning glory flowers and the harvesting of their seeds which are then exchanged with other communities throughout Japan. The seeds have already been planted by local neighbourhood groups and the seedlings bedded with ropes leading from 3331's entrance all the way to the rooftop, so we shall have a very green façade in the near future! The seeds of the morning glory are very sensitive to the environment in which they are produced and the colour of the flowers depend change with these conditions, as seeds are harvested, exchanged and re-sowed between different areas they absorb each locality and reveal it afresh in another place.

Arts Field Tokyo - Arts Schooling Program
3331 is gearing up its plans for the launch of its schooling program scheduled to begin in September 2010. Defined by its open approach to the arts and learning this program will offer a new model of practical interdisciplinary arts engagement.

Residence Program
3331 provides an open residence program for artists, curators and creative practitioners with accommodation, studio, gallery and the assistance of a dedicated coordinator. Welcoming creative practitioners from all over the world the residence program provides a great opportunity to research, produce and exhibition in the centre of Tokyo.

POCORART is stands for Place of Core + Relation Art - creating a place from which to create art based upon interaction and sharing of our inner strengths. It brings together both the able bodied and people with disabilities in an exchange of experiences and perspectives which contribute to each individuals learning and personal development.

Insideout/Tokyo Project
Challenging Japan's Tokyo-centrism by connecting the capital with the countries many regions, nurturing a new form of support network between art projects throughout the provinces which will lead to the realization of new initiatives and collaborations. Insideout/Tokyo Project will also be creating its own archive of the extensive practices of independent arts initiatives throughout the Japan.

Connecting the city of Odate and the surrounding area in Akita prefecture with Tokyo, ZERODATE instigates new forms of creative exchange between different communities. This is an art project formed spontaneously by artists and local residents from Akita in order to rediscover the appeal of the local area and build its cultural and community strength. Through engaging in creative activity, which overcomes generation and genre, it aims to share the imagination of "Odate".

Exhibition Hall
This vast white space is host to a range of high quality exhibitions organized by 3331 and its associates, reflecting the interdisciplinary and open approach to creative practice. It is also available to proposals from outside organizations.

Community Space
The expansive foyer space of 3331 is named the "community space", an open multi-purpose space where many people can gather together, frequently used for talk events, live performances and workshops.

3331 Shop
With original 3331 goods, art & design products and a variety of related publications, the 3331 shop is the place to grab the latest imaginative and inspiring merchandise.

3331 is committed to developing a creative network not only in Japan but also throughout Asia. As part of its contribution to such a vision 3331 is developing a unique archive of alternative arts practices throughout Asia. Including video interviews, catalogues and documentation materials, this archive will gather rare documents from all over the continent and provide a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners and the general public alike.

Tenant Organizations
The strength of 3331 is not dependent upon just one organization but draws its creative power from over 30 creative organizations and practitioners resident within the centre itself. The basement and second and third floors are full of dedicated spaces to these tenants ranging from cutting edge design and fine art galleries to socially engaged groups supporting all cross sections of society. Each organization has their own regular program of events which create a bustling environment with a unique energy.

Rensei Park
Rensei Park is managed by Chiyoda Ward, but is right at the entrance of 3331, making it the perfect place to relax and hang out.

Café "foodlab"

'foodlab' is a dedicated café providing great food and drink for all visitors to 3331. In addition the kitchen will also be opened to various food experts and will provide a session space for those interested in cuisine, while distributing new information about food to the public. The space will also function as a gallery and as of 26th June the Australia based artist Chaco Kato will present her "Slow Art" works here.

After seeing all the art and creative activities going on at 3331 you might need to take a little time to rest and digest all that you have taken in, the lounge is the perfect place to do this. With comfortable seating and information resources at your finger tips you can spend some time to take it easy and soak up the creative energy of 3331.

Rooftop Allotments

An art centre with a green roof! As part of its range of facilities which bring creativity and everyday life together 3331 is providing garden allotments on its rooftop for locals to grow their own vegetables and plants. Guaranteed of plenty of sun and with the added energy of 3331 the plants grown here are sure to do well.

Sports Hall
Not only suitable for all kinds of sports activities, the sports hall can be used for concerts, conferences and short-term exhibitions and much more.

Workshop Space
A space available for the facilitation of various workshops and participatory events - also available for hire.

Studio Space
An atelier space which may be used temporarily by artists and creative producers for the creation of their work.

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