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3331 Asia Archive - Asia Alternative Arts

3331 Arts Chiyoda is committed to not only forming a unique creative hub for Tokyo and Japan but is also dedicated to promoting engagement with the wider Asian region. 3331 aims to provide valuable support and resources towards establishing an artistic network throughout Asia, which, through the strength of cooperation, may realize many new ambitions.


As part of this engagement 3331 is establishing an archive dedicated to the artistic practices of individuals and organizations across Asia. This archive will bring together, in a single place, the profiles of artists, independent galleries and alternative spaces devoted to innovative approaches to art from all over the Asian region. It will provide an excellent resource not only for Japan based audiences, but through its online database will be able to disseminate and share information with international audiences and provide a significant platform for the advancement of these creative practices.

Archive Materials

We are currently requesting independent and alternative spaces/organizations to send us material for this archive. We are requesting the following materials in both hard copy and data format (if available)
Organization Introduction - please complete attached form
Documentation of recent projects - hard copy (and pdf where available)
Publicity Materials (including flyers, pamphlets etc)
Images - jpeg files
DVD//Video data
Please include a short paragraph of introduction for each of the materials supplied.

Region of Focus
We are calling for submissions from the following countries: Korea, China, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia

How will the archive be developed?
3331 will be creating both a physical and online archive. Catalogues, documentation etc. will be stored in the 3331 library and will be open to the public to access. Documents will be categorized by region, city and focus of activity and will provide a valuable resource for both research and general interest in the alternative arts of Asia.
An online archive will also be developed which will include artist/organization/gallery profiles, images of recent projects and downloadable pdf documentation. It may also include video documentation and interviews. We therefore appreciate any materials you are able to send in data format as well as hard copy.

How to send your materials
Please contact us by email before sending your materials. Please contact
Please inform us in this email of the materials which you intend to send and their format.

Please send materials to :
3331 Arts Chiyoda
6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo 101-0021

***We apologize that we are unable to refund the cost of postage.

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