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"Why Do People Draw Pictures?" Katsuhiko Hibino

The prolific artist, Katsuhiko Hibino, is always on the move, never resting in one spot for long, he incessantly travels from one place to another and absorbs the unique character of each region. Not only has he been travelling throughout Japan to realize a wide range of collaborative community workshops and projects, but his artistic engagement and spirit of inquiry has led him all over the globe. The notion of travel features heavily in his works, which always engage a form of journey, encountering different places and different people and returning this to the self, as demonstrated in the Home and Away System, presented at the 21st Century Art Museum, Kanazawa. Last year he also undertook a major project as part of the celebrations to mark the 150th year of the opening of Yokohama port, under the title "FUNE project" in which local people joined in collaboration to create 150 model boats based upon historical ships which had entered the port during its history. The port itself being an appropriate image which may lie behind many of Hibino's works, a place of import and export, a place of exchange.

The importance of cultural transactions is central to Hibino's activities, and is highlighted poignantly in the "Asatte Asagao Project", initiated in 2003 as part of the Eichigo-Tsumari Triennial. A pinnacle of his engagement with local communities and his attempt to reveal the special qualities of the local area, "Asatte Asagao Project" creates a new system of communication between distant places through the simple exchange of morning glory seeds. Local communities join together in the nurturing of morning glory plants, their care and attention leading to the blooming of richly coloured flowers. Then their seeds are harvested, and these treasures filled with the character of the local community are then passed on to a different region, a different community to nurture and attend to, the next blossoming carrying with it the message from another land. This project has gone on to develop over a 7 year period to engage people in regions all over Japan and to create a unique connection between all participants. 3331 Arts Chiyoda is also proud to be a participant in this project, the fruit of which can be seen trailing up towards the rooftop from the front entrance wood deck.

The journey always brings new encounters, which Hibino has pursued with rigour, whether it be art and the city, art and soccer, Hibino attempts to bring different worlds together and to realize that they were not necessarily separate from the start. Projects such as "MATCHFLAG" and "Hibino Cup" show the creative possibilities of sports and everyday activities around us.

This exhibition will provide an overview of the journey Hibino has taken over his 30 year career. The exhibition will present a wide range of Hibino's unique projects from his famous cardboard works dating from his student years, to his very latest works, which will create the main feature of the show, a large series of drawings which Hibino has produced during his travels to far off places around the world. As Hibino travels from place to place he finds that his hands can also not stay still and has the constant urge to draw the new experiences, the environments that he encounters. Where does this urge spring from? Is it something innate within human beings? "Why do people draw pictures? ", puts this question to the audience and asks them to tread their own journey in pursuit of the answer. From simple sketches to huge billboard size paintings the exhibition will present, what is perhaps our inherent desire, to take a line for a walk.

Dates: 30th October(Saturday)-13th December(Monday) 2010 Closed on: Tuesdays (Where Tuesday is a National Holiday the gallery will open and will close on the following Wednesday instead)
Venue: 1F Gallery Space
Admission: 500yen, High School/University Studen...ts 300yen, free for children of Junior High School age or younger.
Admission is free of charge for those with disabilities and 1 attendant.
Organizers: 3331 Arts Chiyoda

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