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Next month Katsuhiko Hibino "Why do people draw pictures?"

Dates: 30th October(Saturday)-13th December(Monday) 2010 Closed on: Tuesdays (Where Tuesday is a National Holiday the gallery will open and will close on the following Wednesday instead)
Venue: 1F Gallery Space
Admission: 500yen, High School/University Studen...ts 300yen, free for children of Junior High School age or younger.
Admission is free of charge for those with disabilities and 1 attendant.
Organizers: 3331 Arts Chiyoda

3331 Arts Chiyoda is proud to present the solo exhibition of Katsuhiko Hibino, who is a specially commissioned artist of the art centre. As part of the pre-open celebrations of 3331 in March he presented a series of his sketches created during his travels "What happens when moving from H to A". In addition to this the workshop "MATCH FLAG PROJECT in 3331", proposed a new relation between football and art. Furthermore Hibino has instigated his "Asatte Asagao Project" at 3331, the morning glory plants of which can be seen growing from the wood deck up to the rooftop and continue to blossom each day.
This will be his first such exhibition in Tokyo in 8 years and will present a range of work from over 30 years of his creative career, as well as recent sketches created during his travels in South Africa and Laos. During the exhibition a whole range of events including live painting, "Hibino Cup" (a competition of mini soccer with goal posts made from cardboard and uniform made from your old t-shirts) and guest talk shows are also being planned.

We welcome you to join this exhibition and engage in Hibino's questioning of "Why do people draw pictures?".

Katsuhiko Hibino
Born in Gifu city. During the 1980's he pursued an inter-disciplinary approach to the arts in a style which reflected the era. In addition to creating physical works he also engaged in performance, using his body as a medium of expression and examining the possibilities of the self. He went on to represent Japan in major arts events including the 1986 Sydney Biennial and 1995 Venice Biennale.
Highly acclaimed solo exhibitions include "HIBINO EXPO" at Art Tower Mito, 2005, "Home→and←Away Format" at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, 2007 and Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto "HIGO BY_ HIBINO". The 2008 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa "Home→and←Away Format" meets NODA[But-a-I] and the 2009 [But-a-I] at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space constructed performative spaces, experimentally traversing between the gallery, the theatre and the local area. In the 2009 "Grand Exposition for Yokohama's 150th Year" he supervised the "Yokohama FUNE project" and in conjunction with the 2010 World Cup he sent "MATCH FLAG's", created by the collaboration of various participants, to South Africa and created a unique movement in the stadium. Furthermore as part of Setouchi International Art Festival Hibino has been realizing a long term project examining the seabed.

Hibino's well known "Asatte Asagao Project" is a project which has now been running for 8 years now and has energetically spread throughout the country, with participants from different regions around Japan joining in a collaborative work which also points towards the important function of art in society.
Hibino is also currently professor at Tokyo University of the Arts.

A Message from Katsuhiko Hibino
You can see on the wood deck of 3331 the morning glory plants in full health, climbing towards the rooftop. This is part of the Asatte Asagao Project which has developed throughout the country and has now been initiated at 3331 arts chiyoda as well. The seeds of the morning glory plants will come to fruition in Autumn, and at this time I will hold my solo exhibition here. It has been 8 years since I have held a solo exhibition in Tokyo. In this exhibition I am also planning to present some of my earliest works including the card board series from the 1980's. I am also hoping to present the series of drawings I have been making during my travels.
When I think about what motivates me to draw a picture, while travelling sometimes I think I shall probably never visit this place again, and I feel the urge to save this memory, outputting it from my body through drawing, it is a kind of impatience that I feel. Even if I go to a very remote place I now always carry my drawing materials with me. In this exhibition I will present the pictures I have drawn on my travels, including works I plan to draw during my trip across Laos and South East Asia in September. Also recently I have thought about the large scale live painting of the past and now I want to try that too.
With all of this planned as well as talk shows, "Hibino Cup" and many different events I hope you will look forward to the exhibition with anticipation.

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