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3331 Presents Tokyo Live Events


Accompanying "3331 presents Tokyo : Part 1" a series of live events and performances will be held throughout the exhibition period, highlighting the multiple creative expressions which 3331 aims to bring together. This series will begin with live audio-visual performances by innovative young artist Junji Koyanagi, Shunsuke Watanabe and P.A.N.A Project. From subtle layered landscapes of sound to electronic twists of guitar riffs, these artists will weave and bend an audio architecture around the audience, transporting them to another space. The following live performance on 17th July will include appearances from Christophe Charles, with his highly vivid soundscapes which resonate within, n.A.s.a, a hot new duo full of energy and spark, and Akihiko Taniguchi, bringing computer games and sound performance together. Furthermore 3331 is pleased to host the dance performance of Korean dancer Son Woo-Kyung, in a special show devised especially for the spaces of 3331.
9th July 19:00~ 3331 presents Tokyo Live vol.1
16th July 20:00~ Son Woo-Kyung
17th July 17:00~ 3331 presents Tokyo Live vol.2
23rd July 20:00~ Son Woo-Kyung


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