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3331 presents Tokyo : Part 1 - Review


Capturing a fly's eye vision of this vibrant city, 3331 presents a unique perspective upon Tokyo through the various organizations and creative practitioners based within the centre itself. This dynamic exhibition unveils the multiple aspects of this kaleidoscopic metropolis. This eclecticism and multiplicity is reflected in the very entrance way of the gallery space, a site specific work created by Naoki Sato and Daijiro Ohara in an original "play on words", a typographic installation in which they spin an improvised dialogue between each other examining the many dimensions of textual form to the point that they lose grasp of their own language.
The gallery opens out to reveal a vast population of curious comfort creatures, "Wife san" created by Tomomi Ohzone, hanging from the gallery walls in a multi-coloured jungle of limbs. Visitors are invited to make friends with one of these individuals by wrapping the character around your body and while walking around the exhibition develop a new relationship.
Shrieks of laughter bring us to the work of Gabin Ito, "An e-sports Amalgam", an interactive installation which is proving very popular with all visitors as they try out a new form of sports, played across a sloping sports ground and moving image projection which responds to the players actions. Here is it is up to you to make up the rules and have fun in the challenge of gravity and technology.
The churning of a row of printers brings us to the work of Hideki Inaba. The prolific designer has such a body of work that it could form a never ending publication and "Printer" seems to suggest this possibility. In this interactive installation audiences are welcomed to visit +81 Gallery+Lab on the 2nd floor and select work from his oeuvre which will then be printed out in the 1st floor main gallery in a constant production line.
Further on we are met with another expression of infinity in the vast imaginary landscapes of Norihito Ogata. "Extraordinary Machine#5" is part of a series in which Ogata constructs fictional images with the resources available on Google Map's 'Street View' service. His photography explores the 'absolute architecture', in question of the reality of expanding urban space and that of our perception. From the distortions of imagination and reality in our outer spaces, we move to an inner space of shamanistic power, and ritual force in the work of Miyuki Mitsui, suggesting at a world beyond our own, with strange idols and iconographies conjuring images of religious rites, an unnerving form emerges from this human size mass of materials, a menacing presence or one which can charm?
Beyond this emerges another sequence of collaged celestial bodies, colours across the spectrum connect between their microscopic forms, constructing galaxies of constellations in the work of Kohei Yamashita.Taisuke Koyama's "Untitled(Melting Rainbows)", continues this blurring between nature and the man-made, creating natural phenomenon in the synthetic in this photographic series.
We are met with colour and vibrance i this exhibition but we are also confronted with a seated violence in the work of Hideki Nakajima "re-street view/line#1" in which the artist achieves both a sturdy coolness yet simultneously unleashes a thrust of emotion in this series of work which pursues the technique of frottage, revealing the textures of the everyday streets we walk upon in silk screen print across agressively slashed canvases.
3331 presents Tokyo : part 1 arrests us with the plurality of Tokyo's existence, its energy, brightness and colour but also its subtlties and darker dimensions which are present within its many layers. We welcome you to come and experience the city within 3331 yourself.
All Images © Ujin Matsuo

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