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AIR 3331 Artist Spotlight: Chan Chung Yin, Connie & Wan Sheung Wah, Elly

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Currently accepting applications for its open call, what kind of projects can artists bring to Tokyo through AIR 3331? Let's take a closer look into the projects of past AIR 3331 participants, Chan Chung Yin, Connie & Wan Sheung Wah, Elly (Residency period: 2018.11.01-2019.01.09).
To begin their 10-week residency, Connie & Elly immediately dove right into the Chiyoda City neighborhoods, mapping out districts by foot, while interviewing and joining local citizens in community activities. These results first took the form of a workshop held inside the AIR 3331 Soto-Kanda Studio that invited the public to create a map of Chiyoda City.
At the same time, Connie & Elly brought their ongoing international "White Envelope Project" to Tokyo using envelopes passed on from London and Hong Kong. How would Tokyo residents respond creatively to messages delivered across the globe? Connie & Elly displayed these contents to us as a final exhibition in the Soto-Kanda Studio, while encouraging visitors to continue the chain of response letters.
Alongside the "White Envelope Project", Connie & Elly displayed all of their research finds and responses from Chiyoda City locals as part of their final exhibition. One of the interviewees, a Jimbocho Old Book Town enthusiast, even came to stop by!
Connie & Elly also become a valuable part of the AIR 3331 community of artists joining us in December 2018, including Yongwon Kim, Move Arts Japan's Anna McMahon and Yuyen Lin-Woywod, and Shinya Ishida, a resident artist collaborating with 3331's toy exchange project "Kaekko".
Now that Connie & Elly are back in their respective bases of London and Hong Kong, they are in the process of making a book that collects the results of these projects. Stay tuned for updates of their final piece!

Follow in Connie & Elly's footsteps and bring your project to the heart of Tokyo!
AIR 3331 OPEN CALL is currently accepting applications for residencies between September 2, 2019 - May 31, 2020.
Apply here by June 5, 2019 >>>

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