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Introducing Kim Thøgersen Grønborg: Looking Through the "Chrystal Star Drum" of Tokyo

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Introducing Kim Thøgersen Grønborg: Looking Through the "Chrystal Star Drum" of Tokyo
Residency length: 1 month

Upon arriving to Tokyo from Aarhus, Denmark, Kim Thøgersen Grønborg's first question was where to find cardboard. In previous overseas projects, including one in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kim picked up cardboard as his material of choice for its availability and freedom to construct or deconstruct it in any way. In no time, Kim picked up all varieties of cardboard from around the city to gradually fill an entire work space with his installation. The efficient and versatile medium allowed Kim to build up his base drawn from the Tokyo scenes he walked through in the style of a "flaneur".

With a private studio plan, Kim used the AIR 3331 Soto-Kanda Studio inside 3331 liberally as the grounds for his creation. With a work space in the back and a gallery in the front, he could develop his digital work on his PC, while adding daily to a public display of cardboard structures seen through the glass window. While the digital images of the city were taken apart and made into shapes as 2-dimensional animations, these were also transformed into 3-dimensional sillouhettes traced and cut out of cardbord. The city came alive between different dimensions, even enveloping sound as Kim collected the noises recorded around Tokyo.

As his final presentation with AIR 3331, Kim opened up his studio to the public and gave an artist talk about his practice, drawing together the ideas surrounding characteristic shapes and forms found in cities across the world, these objects' random occurrences and interactions between one another, as well as our encounters with them in daily life.

IMG_2106 2.JPG
As Kim's artwork title "Chrystal Star Drum" suggested, audiences were left with a Tokyo reshuffled in time and space to be born in a new plane.

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