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Press Release: 3331 Art Fair 2015 -Various Collectors' Prizes-

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'3331 Art Fair 2015 -Various Collectors' Prizes‒' will be held for the second time at 3331 Arts Chiyoda this coming spring (from Saturday March 21 - Sunday March 29, 2015).

The art fair brings together over 90 sets of artists and their artwork under one roof, offering a glimpse into just one valuable part of contemporary art - a compelling, fresh sensibility and what is truly here-and-now. In distinguishing itself from other art fairs, 3331 Art Fair involves prominent contemporary art collectors and key people from diverse fields to award a 'Collectors Prize' when purchasing a work. In addition, the audience is also invited to participate in establishing their own prize.

Furthermore, the fair is wide open to beginners with opportunities for participation and tips to be found, suggesting a new method of involvement and the appeal of the fair by helping others discover the "first step" towards becoming a collector.

We welcome you to experience the art fair as an integration of artists, collectors, and the audience.

Find the first edition press release here.

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