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3331 Chiyoda Arts Festival : Scholarship Exhibition Vol.5

Exhibition, Press Release

[Event Notice] 3331 CHIYODA ARTS FESTIVAL : Scholarship Exhibition Vol.5

Exhibition Category, Film Category, Interactive Category ... a gathering of scholarship winners!


An exhibition of 16 scholarship-winning works selected from nearly 300!

The 5th annual Scholarship Exhibition features sixteen jury and audience prize-winning works selected from the exhibition, film, and interactive categories of last summer's '3331 Chiyoda Arts Festival 2014', held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda. From a nation-wide submission of nearly 300 works, pieces by impressive emerging artists that have stood above will be showcased in 3331 Arts Chiyoda's own 520㎡ Main Gallery - a snapshot of the critics and artists who bring today's art world into the future.

Each selected work is as unique as their creator!

A total of nine selected works from the exhibition category include a flat yet multi-faceted work bound to stimulate one's intellectual curiosity, cloth works of dye-transferred garments, and a participatory work of ceramic apples acting as 'tickets to the world'. Two selected works from the film category present a sense of humor that invites you to laugh along at both the everyday and the extraordinary. Five works from the interactive category have been chosen from the art-focused hackathon '3331α Art Hack Day 2014'. With a total of 16 works over three categories, this exhibition invites you to focus on each artist's personality, sensing the 'now' they choose to present.

Event Outline
Period: January 10 (Sat.) - 25 (Sun.) 2015
Hours: 12:00 - 19:00 (Last entry 18:30) *Closed at 20:30 on January 10th (Last entry 20:00)
Closed: No closed dates during exhibition period
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Main Gallery
Entry fee: Free
Sponsor: 3331 Arts Chiyoda


About Chiyoda Arts Festival

A participatory arts festival held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda since 2010. Expressive forms have been brought together, ranging from art exhibitions to music, film, performance, and even an art market. With the past four years totaling over 1300 entries, diverse opportunities for exchange have been produced between artists, creators, art fans and local residents, traversing limits of genre or generation.


Exhibition Category

wA-1_平松.jpg[Kotaro Iizawa Award (photography critic, 'kinoko' literature scholar)]
Tenki Hiramatsu Born in Wakayama, 1986.
The viewer is pulled into Hiramatsu's gently drawn works and given a feeling as if a narrative begins here. The ephemeral story being depicted through the strokes is reminiscent of 'something' hiding within the work and is sure to stimulate one's intellectual curiosity.

wA-1_かみむら_1.jpg[Tomoko Konoike Award (contemporary artist)]
Midori Kamimura Born in Mie, 1960.
Crafted in the corner of her living room between housework beginning a year ago, the charm of Kamimura's embroidery pieces lies in their production style - defiant of artwork consciousness. After being acclaimed during public critique, several plans had already been born with the current Scholarship Exhibition in mind.

wA-1_増田_2.jpg[Nameko Shinsan Award (cartoonist, columnist)]
Piroyo Masuda Born in Saitama.
Produced within the themes of love/hate towards men, the 'female role' and dysfunctional family, Masuda's works powerfully uncover both contradicting sides of male and female, family and self, beauty and ugliness. The duality of the work and theme itself are cast differently on the viewer depending on the distance from the work.

wA-1_大津_1.jpg[Kazushige Suzuki Award (Gallery OUT of PLACE director, photographer)]
Yoshimi Otsu Born in Tokyo, 1983.
The fascinating bleeding and gradient of these works was created when the artist, soaked in water, shed her clothing thus transcribing them onto a single layer of dyed cloth. The transferred expression has trapped both time and the artist's memory into the work.

wA-1_木村りべか.jpg[Masaaki Hirakata Award (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum curator)]
Ribeka Kimura Born in Gunma, 1987.
A performance in which the artist, dressed as an old woman with her eyebrows completely shaved, set up a stall in the gallery where she bartered original artist goods for visitors' eyebrows. When choosing eyebrows, a peculiar form of communication is created where the artist's intentions can be felt.

wA-1_小笠原_2.jpg[Erimi Fujihara Award (art journalist)]
Keigo Ogasawara Born in Shizuoka, 1985.
The ceramic apples made using skills developed from education in sculpture illustrate the beauty of modeling and the fragility of earthenware. The work is participatory in nature; the apples act as tickets linking to the world. The self and the world - a light harmony shows through in the universal concept within the work.

wA-1_いぬい_2.jpg[Ren Fukuzumi Award (art critic)]
Kazuto Inui Born in Gunma, 1977.
This self-taught painter makes use of ball pens and crayons to create works with labor-intensive strokes. And yet, these stacked actions accumulated within the piece convey a light and pleasant atmosphere, allowing the viewer a pure opportunity to come face-to-face with the work.

wA-1_椋本.jpg[Masato Nakamura Award (artist, 3331 Arts Chiyoda supervising director)]
Mariko Mukumoto Born in Kanagawa, 1988.
A forceful awareness of space and form are conveyed through these sculptural works which symbolize 'landscape' around oneself, including mountains, pools of water, and flower beds. An exceptional sculptural strength can be felt from the distinctive scale and color of the work, as well as the genuine molding desire of the artist.

wA-1_久野.jpg[Audience Award]
Ayako Kuno Born in Tokyo, 1983.
Through it's meticulous detail first cast in wax, then replaced with metal and repeatedly configured into the piece, the underpinning technique and time required received much support from the audience. The surface of the canvas is reconstructed with both imagined parts and the inner workings of urban space.

Film Category

wB-1_薄羽_1.jpgRyoya Usuha Born in 1991.
This layered film demonstrates how two 'wear sound' through time warp, using cut rhythms and acceleration to turn usual landscape into the subject and everyday affairs into a very unordinary situation. Usuha delivers his abnormal 'space in-between' with a sense of humor. Viewers become drawn in without realization, yet one may notice one's senses being sharpened while being possessed.

wB-1_冠木_2.jpgSawako Kabuki Born in Tokyo, 1990.
A filmmaker worthy of attention, Kabuki has won a number of awards at international animation exhibitions as well. The work holds a strong persuasive power as the artist deploys her own view of the world via pop animation, sprinkling her own experience into a fetish motif with a drug-like sense of color. In this exhibition, not only film but original works will also be presented.

Interactive Category
Further information: 3331α ART HACK DAY

The 'Interaction Category' is this year's new addition with the purpose of providing a platform for continually expanding forms of expression. 3331 Arts Chiyoda in partnership with Aoki Ryuta of VOLOCITEE Inc. established '3331α', holding '3331α Art Hack Day 2014' for the first time. Advanced technology mingled with programers, artists and others, gathering much attention over the three day event. The heat and excitement of those days will be redelivered through five teams, jury-selected from all participants.


(right) "I'm here." Project Team
(left) Pepper and Human (Pepperと人間)
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