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3331 Residence Artists

Open Residence / AIR3331

Please see below information on all the artists joining the 3331 Residence program

Sala Wong & Peter Williams (Canada/USA) June 2011
Sala Wong is a New Media artist. Her work manifests itself in digital media, installation, sculpture, wearable art, computer-controlled environments, and locative media. Her large-scale multimedia installations explore real and virtual spaces through augmentation. Most recently, her work investigates issues of diversity by means of documentary and intervention in public urban spaces. Her research concerns the interaction of spaces and everyday life. Space is the medium in which we sense and perceive the world. It is understood and shaped in countless ways. Throughout history, our grasp of space has continually evolved to the extent now that we not only comfortable conceiving of it - but also navigating it - in both concrete and abstract terms. Thus, space is an essential aspect of her research, and is expressed in her work in many different ways. She produces conceptually oriented art works that evaluate social, political and cultural issues by distilling the complexity of contemporary life into concise yet open-ended aesthetic experiences. Indeterminacy, site-specificity, interaction, process, participation and experience all play a part in her artistic practice. Sala Wong is currently associate professor at Indiana State University teaching Digital Art.

Peter Williams was born in Canada and currently resides in the United States. He is a New Media artist whose work playfully and poetically interprets and expresses the complications and contradictions of popular culture and media. Specializing in moving images, generative and participatory art, he makes work that is unstable - meeting, averting and translating the viewer's gaze. Contemporary media is elastic and chimerical; it more and more resembles us. Through his art, Williams struggles with this ever-deepening recursion. He is currently assistant professor at DePauw University teaching Digital and New Media Art.

Sala and Peter's work has been shown in Russia, Thailand, Japan, USA, Canada, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic Singapore and Hong Kong.

Andrés de Santiago Areizaga (Spain/UK) April 2011
Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2002, Andrés has been active not only as a designer, editor, and artist, but has also been involved in the private and public spheres of art museums and galleries, architecture, photography, communication and historical archives. Combining in-house (David Chipperfield Architects, United
Designers, DJ Magazine) and freelance work (Will Alsop Architects, Studio Banana) with personal projects and research, he has exhibited and participated in artist residencies and workshops in Spain, UK, Athens, Tokyo, Holland, Paris, Beijing and New York. With interests in economics, linguistics and semiotics, institutional critique, and the politics of value and exclusion, he works mainly in art direction and editorial design and makes regular contributions to magazines and publications.

Lucas Chirnside & Bianca Looney (Australia) March 2011

Collaborative duo, Bianca Looney and Lucas Chirnside (aka SMLWRLD) will be artists in residence at 3331 Arts CYD during March / April 2011. SMLWRLD engages with research based art and design projects ranging in scale from small hand-crafted objects to integrated urban artworks and architecture. Their focus is on site specific processes and an engagement with the landscape, be it social, urban or natural

SMLWRLD will undertake their residency at 3331 fresh from completing the Zoetrope Bridge artwork commissioned by the City of Frankston for Major Projects Victoria. Other recent projects include the furniture system Polytopia collected by a US fashion label after a successful exhibition at the Design Museum London. SMLWRLD are currently working on a range of private and public commissions in Australia and Asia.

During their residency SMLWRLD plan to build on their Geophil manifesto which is an ongoing series of speculative urban landscapes. In the process of exploring Tokyo, where streets seldom bear names and addresses are often located via landmarks, SMLWRLD plans to engage with the local practices of giving and receiving directions. In the age of Google Maps they will return to the hand drawn sketch, questioning to what extent this phenomena still exists and what power these personal expressions have over the landscape of the city. Through participating in brief hand drawn exchanges SMLWRLD hope to document Tokyo's mapping vernacular, retrieving fragments of a speculative map made by Tokyo, in Tokyo.

In the process of collecting and recombining material, SMLWRLD are seeking alternative views and interpretations of place that emerge from a 'local' perspective. The results of their research will be translated via drawings, clippings, assemblages and stories, developed in an open studio environment within the creative hub of 3331 Arts CYD.

AIR 3331 Special Program February 2011

Participating artists/curator: Ash Keating (Australia), Wiyoga Muhardanto (Indonesia), Jeremy Hiah (Singapore), Lee Chun Fung (Hong Kong), Meiya Cheng (Taiwan), Yoshihama Syo (Okinawa), Miyata Kumpei (Fukuoka), Hisano Shino (Hokkaido), Higashino Tetsushi (Tokyo)
In this special artist in residency program 3331 has entered into collaboration with a number of these centres to offer support for young artists and nurture professional development in the arts. 9 artists who have been recommend by these arts organizations throughout Japan and the Asia-pacific will come together at 3331 and spend 1 month engaging in the local neighbourhood while producing new work. Through the many people and events which they encounter, the discoveries and inspiration they are met with they will develop their work, which will finally be presented in an exhibition "AIR 3331" in February. We welcome you to join this event where a multitude of values will be exchanged.

James Deutsher January 2011

James Deutsher was born in California in1984, currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, is founder and co-director of Y3K Gallery Melbourne, founder and co-director of World Food Books, and creative consultant to f f i X X e d. Deutsher graduated form the Victorian Collage of the Arts in 2005 and has exhibited recently throughout Australia, New Zealand, London, Singapore, Melbourne, China, Tokyo and Bordeaux, and is represented by Uplands Gallery, Melbourne.

Mark Durkan December 2010

Mark has a wide ranging practice from sculpture, to performance, to netart and shows confidence in all of these vocabularies. Particularly in his performance work he has been exploring the line between one's own being and that of an imaginary character, how one is able to transform oneself through taking on a character in a performative context but how the line between persona and seld can "bleed" into one another to a point where they can not be extricated. He has particulary engaged in this discourse through participation in an event organized by performance artist Brody Condon in LA.

Mark is not only an artist but also a curator and arts consultant. He is involved in a number of large scale projects in Ireland and runs his own creative arts organization. He cast an insightful and critical eye over the art scene in Tokyo, offering his own informed response to what he has been met with here. Taking on the stimulation from the city and its creative channels Mark has also pursued a number of artistic experiments using the simple materials he finds around him.

Dislocate Project - Mediactions October 2010

Jasmeen Patheja

Blank Noise is a volunteer led community arts collective that builds public discourse towards the issue of street sexual harassment; 'eve teasing'.

In its current phase Blank Noise takes the form of a public conversation. We build testimonials of street sexual harassment and disperse them back in the public. We try and engage the 3 groups ; the spectator, the survivor and the potential perpetrator while stressing that the 3 roles are interchangeable i.e. the perpetrator is a victim in one kind of view etc. The Internet is a medium that allows us to tread on this territory.

We seek to establish street sexual harassment as an issue that concerns male attitudes as much as it is a woman's issue. Blank Noise also seeks to define boundaries between wooing ,flirting, harassment, violation. There are Blank Noise blogs that invite spectators, survivors and men to share their understanding of street sexual harassment.

Jie Sheng

Purpose of work:By using simple appearance of pictures, lead people into the gap between reality and mirage. Within the gap, both conflict and peace coexists which make people disquiet.Since early age, study western classic music and, started doing arts and drawing, particularly oil painting, when she was 15. In the year 2000, study contemporary art and video art in France. Now, work and living in Beijing. Sheng Jie's works are based on psychedelic surrealism, weird and eerie. The form of creation including video,sound,installation, performance, vjing。

Prilla Tania
I believe human problems remains the same since the prehistoric time, it has always been about survival. Few things needed for human to be able to live are air, water, food, shelter, and clothes (depend on the climate). These necessities were the foundation of the birth of culture. I have been doing some works and projects using food or meal as the basic idea because these are the common thing anyone can relate to, food are the root of many problems but also a trigger of many great inventions. It seems like modern cultures has grown very complex so they need to face longer process to survive, people have to have a job to earn some money so they can buy food to survive where in the past or more traditional societies people grow or hunt their food.

Japan has been a role model for some developing countries in ASIA like Indonesia for its modernity and advance technology achievement. Electronic goods and gadgets probably one of the symbols of the modern society. But the recession seems to have great impact on them, it's interesting to learn why and how this recession change or maybe gave birth to new thinking about survival among this community.

Yamoka Sakiko

I define my art-works as sculptures depicting action and time and relationship between artist and audience, artist and materials, in which I attempt to create an example of the human condition. Human beings are contradictory creatures. When one is giving a presentation of any kind to one's society, it is necessary to unify thoughts and focus in order to avoid conflict; however, by doing so, one ends up losing a second or a third sense. I am interested with these senses that can be got rid of "extra senses". In my art-works, I often involve an audience and materials, neither of which I can control well. Audience is a kind of others in a society for me. And most of materials I chose are everyday necessities for us. Both are typical objects for human condition in our life.

Elisabeth Smolarz September 2010

Elisabeth pursues a highly participatory and socially engaged practice which questions the structures and social norms of society. Elisabeth Smolarz has been involved in a long term project "The One Hundred Dollar Project" which is being carried out in all the G8+5 member countries, questioning what people will do for one hundred dollars for 1 hour of work. This project is to be realized as a large scale video installation, and Japan will form the 10th installment. Smolarz collaborated with Tokyo residents in the realization of this project, asking them "What will you do for $100?"

Lucie Kim September 2010

I am looking for women who will allow me to photograph them right when they wake up and once they put make up on. You do not need to wear a lot make up. The project just shows the difference between the private and public image.
About the Project:
In 2003 I have started the Wake Up/ Make Up Project. Each morning I take a picture of myself immediately after I wake up and once I have put make up on and am ready to leave my apartment.
The project stems from the realization that women only show their unadorned self to a selected group of people. For most women it is only the close family that sees them without make up. The project grew to include other women. The ongoing photography project highlights the difference of the public image and the private one.

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