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Tohoko Earthquake Appeal"Arts Action 3331"

In response to the recent earthquakes and tsunami which have northern Japan has suffered we are opening up our main gallery space in order to raise support and funds for the relief effort.
We are able to offer a shared space for all kinds of creative actions which may be able to contribute towards this.

●Available between:20th April(Wednesday)~10th July(Sunday)Closed on Tuesdays
●Times:12:00-19:00(in the case of talk events the space is available until 21:00)
※We are accepting proposals of 1 day events and those of a longer length

3331 Arts Chiyoda / 1F Main Gallery
〒101-0021 Tokyo Chiyodaku Sotokanda 6-11-14
TEL:03-6803-2441 / FAX:03-6803-2442

●Suitable for:
Those who are already involved in art action events to support the earthquake appeal, or those who are planning to do so. Individuals/groups/organizations may all apply. Please be aware that depending on the contents of the activity some proposals can not be accepted.
It is possible to collect donations from these activities but we can not accept any activity which is designed to profit the facilitators.

●Available Space:
Smallest available space is 2m×2m. For talk events and workshops a space upto 7m×14m is available. Firstly please fill in the application form and after a first selection process we will contact you to discuss more details.

●Suitable Events:
We are able to provide a free space for events which are related to the visual arts
・Introduction of group/organization's activities
・Talk Event
※Please note that proposed events must have relevance and sensitivity towards the current circumstances
※We can provide free wi-fi
※Electricity points are to be shared amongst all using the space
※We cannot provide printers or photocopiers. Please use the services of nearby convenience stores.
※We can not lend any equipment or tools required for the event - please prepare these yourself.

●Activities not accepted:
・Any activity which produces loud noises or strong smell is not allowed
・Eating and drinking are not allowed
・Fire and dangerous materials are strictly prohibited
・Any activity which causes disturbance to local residents is not allowed.

●Application Process:
・Please apply via email to with「Arts Action 3331 Application」 in the header and the following files attached
 1.Application Form(arts_action3331.xls
 2.Diagrams of how you will use the space and images related to the proposed activity(JPEG)
 ※If the attached files are over 5MB please send by file transfer not email.
・Within 3 days of receiving your application we will contact you to discuss further details
・If you are based in Japan we will request that you come to 3331 for a meeting
・We shall after this inform you if it is possible to realize the proposed project
・We will then keep in close contact up until the date of the event
・Event held
※After you have used the space please ensure it is fully cleaned and returned to its original condition

●Deadline for Applications:
30th June 2011(Thursday)
※It may be that before this deadline we already accept the maximum number of events so please check our website for updates

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