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Clay-tronics - Workshop with Indonesian Artist Wiyoga Muhardanto

Open Residence / AIR3331, Workshop


Clay + Electronics = Clay-tronics.
Come and join this fun workshop especially suitable for children, where you can let your imagination run wild and create fantastical electronic devices from clay. It might be a mobile phone, a calculator, a camera, a television or maybe a device to blast a rocket into space, or to communicate by telepathy or to become invisible. The possibilities are endless. Bring along your ideas and join a clay-tronic adventure with Indonesian artist Wiyoga.

2011.02.13(sun) 13:00-16:00 | Wiyoga Muhardanto "Clay-tronics"
Participation Fee:500 yen(for the cost of clay)
Suitable for:Children over 5 years
Capacity:20 participants

Reservation is required.The venue will be announced on the day of the event at the reception.Further to the workshops listed below there will also be other participatory events which will be listed shortly on the website.Please check for further details.

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