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|flowers|dance performance PARADISE @3331 Arts Chiyoda



On 3rd & 4th December 3331 will become the stage for the dance performance of the widely acclaimed artist Yumi Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto is a unique performer and her productions involve collaborations with artists and experts from many different fields to realize an exquisite blend of visual, aural and physical expressions. Her recent performance this year, realized in a ship yard of Kawasaki, is full testamont to her sensitive yet dramatic site specific productions, set upon the landscape of industrial factories and the glistening sea, she transformed the space into one filled with a mysterious and creative energy.

This time Yoshimoto takes on the pure white space of the 3331 lounge and in collaboration with sound artist Hiromichi Sakamoto, installation artist Kazuhiro Ishiyama and lighting artist Yasuko Abe, she is set to provide an intense experience of absence and presence, memory and the reality of now, a myriad of elements will be brought together in a tense compression which seeks out the possibilities and limits of the body and the space we inhabit.

3rd & 4th December
Doors Open at 20:00 Performance Starts at 20:30 (performance approximately 40 minutes)
Tickets: 2000yen
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda Lounge

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