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3331 Artist & Curator Residence *** Special Offer


3331 Arts Chiyoda Artist & Curator Residence Program
Special Offer 30% off*

Throughout November and December 2010 the 3331 Artist in residence facilities are being offered to artists at a special discount price of 200,000yen (usually 280,000yen) per month.

For this limited time only the accommodation and studio space of the residence program are being made available for this very special price, making it even more accessible to artists of all ages and experiences.
The accommodation and studio can be shared by a group of 3 artists, for this overall price (in this case 1 person = 66,666yen!)

3331 Arts Chiyoda is a newly launched arts centre, based in Akihabara, Tokyo. This is a highly unique initiative which aims to support a new model of arts engagement beyond the existing gallery and museum system, connecting the general public and communities in a new way to the possibilities of artistic expression. 3331 offers a unique approach to creative practice, providing over 4 floors of exhibition space, workshop facilities, meeting rooms, office space for arts organizations, independent galleries, café, lounge, roof top allotments and sports amenities. It is a unique model which invites people of all generations, backgrounds and interests to participate in its open approach to fine art, fashion, design, music, alternative media etc., with various programs which encompass people with disabilities, children, local residents, students, experts and those with a curiosity for the arts. It is designed not only as an arts hub for Tokyo and Japan but as an international centre where creative practitioners from all over the world can come together. We opened our doors in March of this year and on 26th June we celebrated our grand opening, with a full range of facilities fully in service.

About the 3331 Residence Program
3331 Arts Chiyoda has recently launched a new residency program open to artists, curators and creative practitioners internationally. This includes not only the visual arts but also practitioners in design, architecture, dance and music etc. With a full range of facilities including accommodation, studio and gallery, creative practitioners have the exceptional opportunity to extend their artistic engagement in the heart of Tokyo. Not only will artists be able to pursue their own individual research and practice, but they will be connected to the extensive network of Tokyo's art scene through the hub that is 3331. With the energy of the electronics and anime haven of Akihabara right at one's doorstep and the traditional cultures of downtown but a stone's throw away artists will be able to experience all aspects of this kaleidoscopic city from this convenient base. Artists are not only able to spend time in Tokyo, but are able to create work onsite and then finally exhibit what they have developed during their stay, in the distinct setting of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. We are pleased to be able to offer these facilities to artists who can contribute to the diverse creative expressions of this cosmopolitan metropolis and engage its inhabitants in new ways.

For full details and how to apply please check the following link.

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