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Secret Auction


It's called a secret auction, but we want everyone to know this secret. Throughout the two part exhibition "3331 Presents Tokyo" 3331 is holding a special kind of auction of work by renowned artists. Already over 40 artists have contributed their work to this event including Fuji Hiroshi, Kazuhiko Hachiya, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, Yoshinari Noshio and Hiroko Masuko. What is secret about the secret auction? This secret auction is in fact a silent auction, participants can place their bids throughout the auction period, but have no idea what bids have already come before them, or what will follow. This is an opportunity to consider what it means to put a price on an art work and what is its value. Through this activity secret ties are formed between the artist and the work, the work and the viewer, so surely we can say it is a "secret auction".
The last in the three part secret auction series will be taking place between 7th -29th August in 3331's gallery B. Why not try your luck and bid for a work?
※This auction is a 3331 donation project, half of the profit will be awarded to the artist while the remaining half will be used for 3331 creative activities. Please help to support 3331.

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