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3331 Artist & Curator Residence

Open Residence / AIR3331

3331 Artist & Curator Residence Program
3331 Arts Chiyoda has recently launched a new residency program open to artists, curators and creative practitioners internationally. This includes not only the visual arts but also practitioners in design, architecture, dance and music etc. With a full range of facilities including accommodation, studio and gallery, creative practitioners have the exceptional opportunity to extend their artistic engagement in the heart of Tokyo. Not only will artists be able to pursue their own individual research and practice, but they will be connected to the extensive network of Tokyo's art scene through the hub that is 3331. With the energy of the electronics and anime haven of Akihabara right at one's doorstep and the traditional cultures of downtown but a stone's throw away artists will be able to experience all aspects of this kaleidoscopic city from this convenient base. Artists are not only able to spend time in Tokyo, but are able to create work onsite and then finally exhibit what they have developed during their stay, in the distinct setting of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. We are pleased to be able to offer these facilities to artists who can contribute to the diverse creative expressions of this cosmopolitan metropolis and engage its inhabitants in new ways.

Residence Program Costs (to be paid by the applicant)
1 month accommodation + Studio

We have a self contained apartment flat available to artists in residence just 1 minute from 3331 itself. This has two bedrooms, a kitchen, lounge space and bathroom. It is suitable for up to three artists to share for any significant residency period. The kitchen and bathroom are shared facilities, and encourage a healthy dialogue between artists, so they are not in isolation from each other.
Ideal for up to 3 people (5 people maximum if sharing rooms)
Floor Area 50㎡
Communal Facilities (shared between the artists) - Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet
Bedrooms - 2 bedrooms with bed, desk and closet
1 open space - with 1 bed and desk (please note this space is open to the kitchen)
* provision can also be made for 2 more persons using futon and sharing space with other occupants
Further amenities Television, DVD player, internet, fridge, rice cooker, gas range

Dedicated studio space for all resident artists to use for their artistic production. 33㎡ - internet access, electricity, water. At 3331 there is the added attraction of being in an arts centre which is a hive of activity, so the participating artists in residence are guaranteed visibility during their stay, including during their production and research process. We encourage artists to make their studio space an open studio throughout their stay, allowing visitors to 3331 to directly engage with the artists and learn more about the processes which go into the production of their work. It is also a good opportunity for the artist to gain feedback even in the early stages of development of their project.
Floor Area 33㎡
Lighting Fluorescent Lighting
Electrical Capacity 20A
Facilities Sink, Toilet, internet, air conditioner, 1 desk 1 chair per artist
Maximum capacity of artists 5

Gallery (option)
Ample gallery space suitable for exhibitions and events, based on the 2nd floor of 3331 amongst the many galleries and creative organizations based at the centre. 66㎡- wooden flooring, spot lighting, internet access.
Floor Space 66㎡
Lighting Fluorescent Lighting/spot lighting
Visitor Capacity 40
Electrical Capacity 20A
Facilities Air conditioning, internet

Additional charge (in addition to accommodation and studio)
1 week 1 month
100,000yen 400,000yen

(to be paid by the applicant)

Coordinator (option)
Another highly unique point of 3331's residency is that we are able to dedicate a member of staff 5 days a week to the artist in residence. The coordinator is able to support the artist in all aspects of the residency helping them to settle into their new environment, introduce them to the local area and wider Tokyo, provide information required for daily life, as well of course the arts world. The coordinator is able to introduce the artist to other artists, curators and creative practitioners based in Tokyo, and enable them to effectively build a network which may lead to new forms of future cooperation. The coordinator is of course able to help with all requirements for the artist's research, production and exhibition. In addition our other staff are highly capable and have a strong enthusiasm which will also contribute to the artist's positive experience during their stay. Many of our staff are artists themselves and therefore can relate well to the visiting artist and provide various support.

Additional charge (in addition to accommodation and studio)
Per month

(to be paid by the applicant)

Event Space (option)
The community space or lounge space are also available if the artist wishes to give a formal presentation to the public or facilitate an event/workshop, we can offer this space at a special discount. This is subject to availability.
Facilities Tables, chairs, projector, speaker set
Visitor Capacity 50-70

Additional Charge (in addition to accommodation and studio)
3 hours weekday 3 hours weekend
20,000yen 40,000yen

(to be paid by the applicant)
We particularly encourage applications from galleries, museums, universities, arts organizations and funding bodies who are able to recommend and support a number of artists to join this program. We also welcome approaches from artists who are able to secure their own sources of funding. We recommend that artists consider applying in groups of 2-5 in order to reduce the financial responsibility of the individual. Please note that 3331 is unable to offer financial support to artists in residence in this program.
The facilities are ideal to be shared between a group of 3 artists, and can accommodate a maximum of 5 artists if so required. The overall fee for accommodation and other facilities is set and is not affected by the number of people in residence.
How to Apply
In order to apply for this program please download the following application form and send it with the relevant supporting material (outlined in this form) to
There are two deadlines for applications.
For those wishing to use the residency facilities between November2010-January 2011 please apply by 18th August 2010.
(However it is possible to apply after this date if space is still available. Please check our calendar for availability)
For those wishing to use the residency facilities between February-June 2011 please apply by 19th November 2010.

Application Form (word file) Application Form (pdf file)
If you have any queries please contact Emma Ota at +81(0)3-6803-2441

*Please note that we can not accept applications by individuals who do not have sources to fund their residence. Individual artists may not apply and then make funding applications after being selected. Applicants must have a guaranteed source of funding at the time of application.

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