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3331 Presents Tokyo : Part 2

"3331 Presents Tokyo : Part 2"
7th -29th August 2010: 3331 Arts Chiyoda

3331 offers a unique approach to creative practice, providing over 4 floors of exhibition space, workshop facilities, meeting rooms, office space for arts organizations, independent galleries, café, lounge, roof top allotments and sports amenities. It is a unique model which invites people of all generations, backgrounds and interests to participate in its open approach to fine art, fashion, design, music, alternative media etc., with various programs which encompass people with disabilities, children, local residents, students, experts and those with a curiosity for the arts. It is designed not only as an arts hub for Tokyo and Japan but as an international centre where creative practitioners from all over the world can come together. We opened our doors in March of this year and on 26th June we celebrated our grand opening, with a full range of facilities fully in service.

In celebration of this event we are holding a two part exhibition "3331 Presents Tokyo" which attempts to capture the multiple expressions and cultures which make up the city. Part 1 of this exhibition will taking place between 26th June - 25th July focuses upon the contemporary art and design galleries/organizations based at 3331, presenting their own selection of artists. Part 2 brings together groups undertaking social engagement in the promotion of a shared borderless horizon, including; student networks, regional cultural resources, environmental engagements and alternative media and more, throwing a new light upon the role of art in society.

3331 Arts Chiyoda Grand Open Exhibition「3331 Presents Tokyo : Part 2」
Dates:  7th -29th August 2010
     Closed on Mondays (and between 14th-16th August for Obon Festival)
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-19:00、Friday-Saturday 12:00-20:00
Entrance Fee: Free of Charge
Organizers: 3331 Arts Chiyoda

Able Art Japan
Able Art Japan is a non-profit organization which aims to realize the appreciation of many different values in society through the promotion of art created by people with disabilities. Able Art provides Japan's first commercial gallery for the promotion of work produced by artists with disabilities and an art studio at 3331.
In this exhibition Able Art will be collaborating with a similar organization based in Korea and introduce works by artists with psychological disabilities, which will ask us to consider the culture of human expression.

Sento Shinkousha
Through facilitating events which take public baths as their stage, supporting the culture of scenic paintings in such spaces and sharing information about public baths on the internet this organization aims to initiate a rediscovery of the significance of these cultural spaces.
In this exhibition the team will publicly create a "bath house painting" through the support of local shops and businesses, pointing towards a communication between the viewer, the community and the public bath. When the painting is completed it will be installed in a local public bath in Chiyoda Ward.

Ono Shouichi
Ono is undertaking a large scale project documenting the population of Japan over 100 years of age. Through taking their photos he aims to capture the vitality of life and the beauty of a smiling face for future generations, and allow the viewer to appreciate the inner-strength which these people possess. Ono is currently making an open call for people over 100 living in Tokyo to join his project. The photographer Ono will in this exhibition present a selection of his works depicting people from all over the country who have reached the age of over 100.

Hafu Project
The HAFU Project deals with the experiences of people with half Japanese identity. This project, especially invited by 3331, will present a series of photographs and interviews of people who have a mixed ethnic background, come to be known as "Half/hafu" in Japanese, and approaching their position from an outward sociological perspective. In the flowing changes of culture and nationality, what does the word "half" mean? In this work photographer Natalie Maya Willer and researcher Marcia Yumi Lise pursue this question.

A planning unit which focuses on the cross over of advertising, education and art. From its base at 3331 Himanainu realizes various projects such as local walking tour workshops and a night school for adults. In this exhibition they will consider the role of social media in communication and propose meaningful ways of connecting with each other.

An organization supporting user interface, information architecture and the IT access in order to promote the benefits of the internet.

Tokyo Art Point Project
Tokyo Art Point Project is engaged in creatively promoting the citizen/community participation in the appreciation of Tokyo, activities include the nurturing the talents of individuals through various projects, meetings, lectures and seminars. Here they will present the activities of a number of projects they are supporting: Student Media Centre - Nanairochannel, Insideout/Tokyo Project and Tokyo Art Research Lab.

The organizers of national competitions for high school students in film, music and animation as well as publishers of the magazine "Ss'" promoting the work of creative high school students. SMN will here present some of the recommended artists who have recently participated in the high school art competition.

Street Media are engaged in projects of area casting, which aims to activate people and promote regional development by means of information distribution linked with digital signage and mobile phone services.
At "3331 presents Tokyo" Streetmedia will utilize their digital signage "Touch!Vision" to distribute information about 3331.

Le Couple Noir
Promoting circus as a theatrical art in Japan through productions, workshops, publications and education programs. Le Couple Noir will here present photographs and posters of the highly artistic circus productions of French companies Cirque Trottola and Compagnie Jerome Thomas.

Sustina Japan
Sustaina Japan creates a framework of support for small creative businesses offering consulting in marketing, promotion and the establishment of brands. As part of "3331 presents Tokyo" Sustina Japan will hold a series of dance performances which bring together ballet and contemporary dance.

<A window on Tokyo>
3331 Arts Chiyoda is a space for many different people to come together and build new dialogues. In order to encourage this spirit of exchange and to highlight the vast creativity of the city in this exhibition 3331 is also inviting outside organizations and individuals to present their activities.

■Volume 1 : 7th-13th August: Creativity for Children - Introducing the activities of various groups, organizations and companies promoting creative engagement of children. From children's workshops to products to information exchange, creating an environment which is fun for both children and adults alike.

■Volume 2  : 20th-29th August: Tokyo Diversity 0 In the second volume of this exhibition 3331 is particularly keen to highlight the rich diversity of Tokyo's population and highlight the significant contribution made by the city's international community to this creative environment.

Celebrating Tokyo's multitude of cultures 3331 is calling for groups and individuals who are similarly engaged in creative and social action including not only art & design but also the environment, health, education, community, human rights, international exchange and more.

Children's Creativity

Digital Workshop Developers Association
Using digital technology to release the creativity of children is a new challenge. For us it is not about trying to catch interest through strong stimulation, but about directly supporting children's motivation to make something, and our group get together making exhibitions and workshops to try and achieve this.

CSK Holdings
Introducing the work of CAMP project, facilitated by CSK group's next generation "CSR", presenting the development of CAMP workshops through the exhibition of the work and response of the participating children.

LEIN Sound Promotion Department Toy Sound
baby to i Discovering a happy face
Presenting a new application for the iPhone "baby rattle bab bab", now with improved camera function so you can capture your child's beaming smile as they play with this toy.

Koyoko Children's Future Project
If you look carefully you will realize there are so many unusually shaped and easily malleable scrap materials about. Collaborating with Tokyo/Machida's "Shizen no kuni hochien"(Natural World Nursery School) Koyoko will present an installation which reveals the process of transforming scrap material into a new life through the creativity of children.

Kirinuki Black Board
Kodo/mono/koto is a group of designers and makers facilitating exhibitions and workshops focusing on the relationship between parent and child. Here they will present Kirinuki Black Board produced by Noguchi Yoko.

Tokyo's International Community

john moore organics
john moore organics offers organic seeds, workshops/tours and food.
We grow food from seed to finished cooked food, 100% organic.
We have farm centers in Tono Iwate, Kasai City Hyogo, Kochi and Kamakura.
We teach workshops on the farm campuses, Universities, Colleges and High Schools.
Our aim is to raise the level of food awareness for a better life for the next generation.

etteda is a collaborative exhibition project between Japan and Korea. Through dialogues between different fields and different cultures we bring young creatives together and point towards a place for expression reaching out to the world.

An annual international project generating dialogue and debate around the relationship between art, technology and locality through the exchanges of artists and experts of many fields in exhibitions, workshops, symposia and live events.

Tokyo Green space
Tokyo Green Space investigates the many plants growing in the world's largest city. Despite or perhaps because of its insufficient open space, Tokyo abounds in intentional and voluntary plant life.

In response to the argument that globalization may rob us of our cultural identity, a conversation between two ancient, strong and sophisticated identities: Japan and Africa. The conversation is about the beauty of weaving strands of our stories together.

BAKOKO is an emerging Tokyo design practice. Founded in 2009 by Architectural Association (AA) graduates Kayoko Ohtsuki and Alastair Townsend, the office strives to carry out work that is fresh, resourceful, and innovative. Built on a model of collaboration with entrepreneurs, developers, private clients, and other architects, BAKOKO offers unique design skills that distinguish their involvement in large to small projects.

HAA! (House of African Art)
HAA!'s ambition is simple: to re-introduce Africa to Japan, through the beauty, energy and spirituality of African arts, both traditional and contemporary, as well as to provide a space for voices from Africa to tell their stories in their own words.

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