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Asatte Asagao Project


The specially commissioned work "Asatte Asagao Project Chiyoda" by Katsuhiko Hibino has now begun its first stage. The seeds planted by local neighbourhood groups have already sprouted and on 7th June these will be planted and guide ropes will be strung from the 1st floor wood deck to the roof top. Furthermore, in an interesting experiment, astronaut Naoko Yamasaki has taken some of Hibino's seeds with her into space, and she has now just returned to Japan. What will such space seeds sprout? These seeds will also be planted on 7th June and we look forward to the blossoming of space flowers.

7th June 2010 09:45-11:00
2nd year pupils of the local Shouhei Elementary School will take the plants which have grown from the sewn seeds and bed them.

Rope Stringing
7th June 2010 13:00-15:00
Local groups will string 60 ropes from the deck to the rooftop after which they will join in discussion with the artist.

※Asatte Asagao Project aims to nurture a communication between people and communities through the cultivation of morning glory plants. This project was first initiated in 2003 in Azamihira, Tokamachi City, Nigata prefecture, in which 20 local communities began to raise morning glory plants, and this has now spread to 23 regions throughout the country.

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