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WORKSHOP "Body Coordinating - Body Time"


1st June (Tuesday) 2010 19:00-21:00
Participation fee: 1st session trial - 1000¥ 3 months (6 sessions) course: 15,000¥
Membership: 5000¥ (As a member you may participate in all of Able Art's courses)
Venue: B111

Completely Relax. Slowly Sense.
A course designed to allow you realize the nature within you. Together we will fully face the body we hold at this very moment and attempt to find a balance between body and mind.

●Suitable for: Those who have sensed a certain tiredness of the body or mind, those who wish to find their comfortable body. Open to anyone who wishes to participate.

●Maximum number participants: 15 people

●Example of activities

Completely unwind your body.
Stretch the muscles of your neck and ankles one by one. Stretch in the opposite direction. Breath deeply.

Rocking the body
Find the melody from your infancy, rocking the body, reenter the womb.

A game of the body
A dance with only your fingers, moving across the floor on only your back, greeting with only your feet.

Undego transformation.
Become a tree swaying in the wind, a rock amongst the waves, change from a seed to a flower.

Unwind the body, play with the body. A space for dialogue with your body, at a gentle pace. Listening to the body and step by step come to a form of dance. Let's open the door to expression.

●Facilitator : Hanabi
Working for general companies for over 12 years finally Hanabi came to end the lifestyle of company worker. After studying performance and dance, Hanabi entered Tokyo Art University, specializing in aesthetics. 2002 debut solo performance. As of 2004 active as workshop facilitator allowing many different people to hear the voice of their body.

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