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Grand Opening

3331 Arts Chiyoda : GRAND OPENING

In addition to its gallery and office spaces opened in March, 3331 Arts Chiyoda will be launching its full range of facilities including a café, lounge and rooftop allotments as of 26th June 2010. Set in the corner of Akihabara, on the renovated site of the former Rensei Junior High School, this unique hub sets out to nurture a new approach to the arts while connecting different communities and cultures, providing a network between Tokyo, Japan's regions and East Asia, in the promotion of a vision which will continue to expand.

In celebration of its grand opening the exhibition "3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1" will also be launched at this time. On 26th June 3331 will be holding its grand opening ceremony and party, along with a private view of the "3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1" exhibition. We warmly welcome you to join us.


Grand Opening Day 26 June (Saturday) 2010
Private View - 10:30-12:00
A private introduction to the "3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1" exhibition
Opening Ceremony - 11:20-11:50
3331 Arts Chiyoda director Masato Nakamura and members of Chiyoda Ward local government will offer their greetings.
Group Photo - 11:50-12:00
Bringing together 3331 associates, artists and audiences, we welcome you to take our group photo.
Opening Party - 18:00-21:00
Including talk event with introductions from exhibiting artists and tenant organizations.
As of 27th June a whole series of events will begin, running throughout the exhibition period.

With even more new contents 3331 is now
3331 is open to all to freely enter and explore its facilities.

Tenant Organization Space
In the former classroom spaces of 3331 creative practitioners, NPO's, amongst many different organizations, have established their base. Visitors to 3331 are welcome to drop into the various galleries and offices of these organizations. (Admission fee may be charged depending upon the events of each space).

Café Space
Foodlab is a café space providing food and beverage to visitors in a relaxed environment. In addition the kitchen will be opened to various food experts and provide a session space for those interested in cuisine, while distributing new information about food to the public.

Lounge Space
In this lounge space you can freely access 3331's documentation and archives while taking some time to relax.

Rooftop Allotments
On the rooftop 32 allotment spaces will be provided for local residents to enjoy together.
Online application for rental of these spaces will be open from 26th June.

KAERU station
3331 opens "Kaeru station" a host for the nation wide movement of Kaekko - in which children exchange their old toys with each other and use them in creative activities.

The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow Project is the work of Katsuhiko Hibino and is one of the specially commissioned projects for 3331. As a space of public participation 3331 also hopes that the flowers of morning glories will bloom here in 2010.

Residence Program
residence.jpgA residence program for creative practitioners and curators from all over the world. Providing accommodation, studio and gallery, this program offers support for artists wishing to carry out activity in Tokyo.
Pilot program: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu Residence
Please come and visit throughout the grand open exhibition.
Open Studio Dates: 8 May (Sunday) - 25 June (Friday) 2010
Exhibition Dates: 26 June (Saturday) - 8 August (Sunday) 2010
Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00
Venue: 2F 203

※Throughout May the artist will not be present on a Friday. When the artist is not present you may view the open studio from the outside.
※Throughout the residence the artist will be holding a series of workshops and talk events.

Insideout/Tokyo Project and Asia Archive

From the 47 prefectures of Japan to the many regions of Asia, 3331 is establishing an archive space gathering a whole range of resources documenting the art activities of these various different localities. Furthermore this space will have a multi-purpose function accommodating exhibitions and other events.

Membership Club

As of the grand opening on 26th June 3331 will be launching a membership club. Members will receive various privileges including discounted tickets for 3331 exhibitions.


3331's schooling program will offer the opportunity for interdisciplinary practice based learning. The professional course will be lectures and practical work centered around the realization of a series of exhibitions.

Grand Opening Celebration Exhibition
"3331 Presents TOKYO: Part 1"
26 June (Saturday) - 25 July (Sunday) 2010

We wish the new expressions which 3331 gives rise to will, while undergoing daily change, continue to realize a "new culture" of Tokyo through its network of people and communities.
"3331 Presents TOKYO: Part1" portrays the multitude of expressions which Tokyo gives life to as selected by the creative individuals/organizations based at 3331.

  • The resolution of the local, which characterizes Tokyo, is in turn the resolution of the global.
    (g³/ gallery Shigeo Goto)

  • "Infinite Possibility" is the symbol of Tokyo and it is this which forces us into earnest wandering.
    (Nana Kuromiya)

  • 3331 is a place for arts, not art. But what is the nature of this plurality? Where is the intersection of art and design? What does it mean to carry out activity in Tokyo? These questions are all interrelated I feel.
    (ASYL Naoki Sato)

  • If I say I come from Japan or if I say I come from Tokyo, there is a very different connotation.
    (Toru Kuwakubo)

  • When I think about it I have lived a long time in Tokyo. Liking the city and hating the city -emotions repeated day by day, but maybe really liking the city is like this. (Hideki Inaba)

Part1 26 June (Saturday) - 25 July (Sunday) 2010
From 2-d works to video to installation, this exhibition presents the diverse expressions of diverse artists.
Opening Hours:Sunday-Thursday 12:00-19:00 Friday/Saturday 12:00-20:00
Closed on:Monday  ※Please note that when national holidays fall on a Monday the exhibition will be open and will close instead on the next Tuesday.
Venue:3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Gallery
Admission: 800円、Student 500円 
※Those of junior high school age and below may enter free of charge.
※ Admission is free of charge for those with disabilities and 1 attendant.

Opening Party : June 26, 2010, 18:00-21:00
Venue: 1F Community Space 1

Organizer: 3331 Arts Chiyoda

Part 2 7 August (Saturday) - 29 August (Sunday) 2010
This exhibition brings together groups promoting a shared borderless horizon, student networks, regional cultural resources, environmental engagement and alternative media, offering a focus upon social action.

Introducing 18 Artists

Yuka Ohtani, Toru Kuwakubo, Ryosuke Hara, Hajime Mizutani
Established by Tama Arts University, the alternative space "AKIBATAMABI 21" presents 4 young artists working in 2D.
Yuka Ohtani
Painting, 2009
Courtesy of I.C.Arts

Naoki Sato, Daijiro Ohara
ASYL, led by art director Naoki Sato presents a special typographic work in collaboration with designer, Daijiro Ohara.
Daijiro Ohara
Typography, 2009
Courtesy of the Artist

Tanikado Arts
Sachiyo Tsurumi, Kohei Yamashita, Nana Kuromiya
The contemporary art gallery specializing in the promotion of young artists "Tanikado Arts" presents the works of 3 artists of the same generation who reflect upon the materials of the every day.
Kohei Yamashita "Anseilen(cairn)"
Installation, 2010
Courtesy of Tanikado Arts

g³/ gallery
Norihito Ogata, Taisuke Koyama, Hideki Nakajima, Miyuki Mitsui
Led by creative director Shigeo Goto "g³/ gallery" presents 4 young artists who take "foreign matter", "transmission" and "transformation" as their image.
extrodinary.jpg Norihito Ogata "Extraordinary Machine#5"
Photography print, 2010
Couretsy of G/P gallery

Bambinart Gallery
Yu Kimachi Risa Kohno
"Bambinart Gallery", specializing in the work of young artists, presents unique 2d works which express the both the city's surface layers and its hidden depths.
Risa Kohno
Painting, 2009
Courtesy of the Artist & Bambinart Gallery

+81 Gallery+Lab
Hideki Inaba
+81Gallery+Lab, supporting both domestic and international artists, presents the refinement of Tokyo in the work of Hideki Inaba.
Hideki Inaba "Printer"
Installation, 2010
Courtesy of the Artist

Gabin Ito
"BOCTOK", led by the multifariously active Gabin Ito, presents the work of Ito himself, using the game latest technology in the proposal of a new form of sports.
Gabin Ito "Zero Gravity Sports"
Installation, 2001
Courtesy of the Artist

Tomomi Ohzone
Led by 3331 director Masato Nakamura, "command N" presents the communication art of Tomomi Ohzone.
Tomomi Ohzone "Waifu san"
Installation, 2010
Courtesy of the Artist

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