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"ghost" - Taro Komiya - g³/ gallery


"ghost" - Taro Komiya Solo Exhibition
Date: 20 April (Tuesday) - 20 May (Thursday) 2010
Opening Hours: 11:00-18:00
※Sunday/Monday by appointment only
Venue: 3F 303 g³/ gallery
Admission: Free of charge
Artist: Taro Komiya
Organized by: g³/(triple g)

g³/ is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Taro Komiya, entitled "ghost". In his works Komiya, who is currently undertaking doctoral studies at Kyoto University of Art and Design, investigates the "self and other", "material and immaterial", "Japan and the world", "past, present, future", taking the existing phenomenon which we ignore in daily life as a metaphor, and reconstructing these chain like networked relations. The work presents a query and instigates a query in the viewer upon encountering the work - Komiya's work is simultaneously a place from which many questions are projected and a place in which these questions come together. Komiya is also exhibiting as part of Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2010 and this solo exhibition offers the opportunity to appreciate the work of this young artist whose contribution to the art scene is greatly anticipated.

1|《portrait》 mixed media 2009

2|《portrait》 installation view 2009

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