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3331 × codomono tatami Family Rest Space

The "3331 x codomono tatami Family Rest Space" is a place to play with toys, read picture books, or simply take a short break during a day out.


We shaped the wishes of kids and moms into a new space, which was opened in August 2015 through collaboration with "codomono project". Incorporating a design befitting a contemporary kids' space and a new style of tatami mat, "codomono tatami", the space can be used safely and comfortably even by babies who have not yet started walking.

We invite you to relax while enjoying the pleasant smell and feel of tatami mats.


★A nursing corner is provided (women only). Please close the curtain when using.
(A water heater for milk preparation is not provided. Please use restrooms within the facility for cleaning out bottles.)
★To change diapers, please use the changing table within the barrier-free restroom located on the 1st floor.
★The "3331xcodomono tatami Family Rest Space" is connected with the "KAERU Station".

■ Target age group: 0 years to elementary school age children and their guardians
■ Hours: 10:00-19:00
■ Attention:
・This is a resting space for small children and their guardians.
・This space is not a day care facility. Please keep an eye on your children, and make sure a guardian is always nearby.
・Before leaving please return all items used, including toys and picture books, to their original place.
・There is no garbage bin within the Family Rest Space or the rest of the facility. Please take all trash items with you.
・We ask that you cooperate on keeping the space clean.
・We ask that you share the space equally with others.
・Staff may warn you if your actions are disrupting others or if objects are brought in that raise an issue to our center's safety.
・Do not consume food or drinks within the tatami space. Instead, you may eat in the 1F Community Space or Lounge.
・There are no staff stationed at the space. If you have any questions or concerns, please inquire at the 1F Information counter.
・The visitor is responsible for all cases of theft or other accidents that may occur in the space. Thank you for your cooperation.