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KAERU Station


"Kaekko" serves as a play space that allows children to independently experience and engage in all kinds of activities through exchanging their no longer used toys for "kaeru points".

The project was started by artist Hiroshi Fuji in 2000 in Fukuoka, and to this day has been held in over 1,000 sites across Japan, including schools, kindergartens, shopping districts, parks, community centers, private homes, museums, plazas for recycled goods, among others.

Our "KAERU Station" is one of the few kaekko bases located across the country, which was built along with the launch of 3331 Arts Chiyoda in 2010. It has been known since then as a space where children and parents can spend time together. Beyond a space to play freely with toys, kaekko offers all kinds of "kaeru" activities to participating children and their families, such as workshops for making new creations using toys, as well as periodic events like the "kaekko bazaar".

With the construction of the "3331 × codomono tatami Family Rest Space" in August 2015, the entire space was renewed with tatami flooring. Today, even infants who have not yet started walking can enjoy the space.

Feel free to stop by if you are in the area or happen to be out with your family and friends.