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N.B.A. three visions

N.B.A. three visions
Period:26th Jul.(fri.)- 1st Sep.(sun.), 2019
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Venue:207 (Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO)

Artists: Tamiko Washizu, Shigeru Nishikawa, Koju Takahashi

Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO is very pleased to announce our new exhibition "N.B.A. three visions"
by three artists mainly based in Kansai: Tamiko Washizu, Shigeru Nishikawa and Koju Takahashi, as a '19 Midsummer special exhibition.
Tamiko Washizu tries to lead herself to a more free spirit by the drawing works she produces,
Nishikawa's motif is a shielded building in the unique brushwork and color, foreseeing a city view in the near future.
And Koju Takahashi commits his isolated life to the creation of abstract painting with the sharpened composition and plaster.
Please take a look at the different visions of painting by 3 excellent painters.

  • AIR 3331