STANZA vol.4

STANZA vol.4
Period:November 29 (Thu), 2018 - December 3 (Mon). 2018
Etc.:The last day until 18:00

Artists: Keiko Orii、Hiromi Kitaguchi、Ayako Kuroiwa、Kyoko Kurosawa、Kyoko Narisawa、Shino Matsuda

STANZA was established to create a space where members can have group exhibitions without focusing too much on trends or profit. In this group, each member also expands her horizons as artists by communicating with others. We are going to have annual exhibitions for five years from 2015 to 2019 featuring six Japanese-painting artists who work mainly in Tokyo. We try to foster a sense of community, so members can influence each other positively and develop themselves. Our members and exhibition spaces have evolved in a trial-and-error process over the last four years.
 In this exhibition, we divide the space into six blocks according to an artist's theme or subject. We are exhibiting small works which have a common subject (this year's subject is "shadow") and we hope that this is going to be an opportunity for us to gain fresh perspectives and recognize our identities as artists.
 The word "STANZA" has two meanings: a group of lines of poetry forming a unit, and "a room" in Italian. We chose the word "STANZA" as our group name because we would like to make a positive impact, create unexpected connections, and keep our uniqueness and originality when we gather.
 Many different problems confront us in everyday life. However, just as stanzas in a poem combine to form a greater meaning, we can share their individual perspectives to generate greater progress as a group; STANZA.

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