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Masami YAMAMOTO "outgrow "

Period:2nd Nov.(fri.) - 2nd Dec.(sun.), 2018
Etc.:Reception Party : 18:00 - 19:30 on 3rd Nov.(sat), 2018. The artist will be present. Admission free.
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Venue:207 (Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO)

We are very pleased to announce our new exhibition "outgrow " by Masami YAMAMOTO (ceramic, installation)

For the last 10 years, Masami YAMAMOTO has transformed memorable clothing of herself, family and friends into clay works, using the method of hand carving and exhibiting them as ceramic works after complete firing.

Her perceptive observation and elaborate hand-technique express "the moment of reversal", when soft and light fabrics are transformed into hard and heavy works which when viewed, maintain the characteristics of the original object. Simultaneously she acts as a "photographic" device, unlike the usual camera.

Since the birth of her first child and the impact upon her life, her style is incorporating that experience and leading to new directions which are revealing a new Masami YAMAMOTO.

Please ensure that you explore the exquisite items exhibited.


Artist statement

When was the first thought that I wanted to express clothes wrinkles and folds with my own hand?
Was it when you saw the Louise Bourgeois marble folds at the Pompidou Center, or was it a meeting with a daunting wrinkle fold of clothes in the religious paintings you saw in Europe?
Perpetuation for cloth, changing its shape and moving just by breathing in, may have been from a long time ago.
But I did not become a cloth making person. The cloth was always with us our lives. One of the closest cloths to us is definitely clothes.

I also had encounters with ceramic.
I feel strongly that earth (clay) is one of the fundamental materials when human beings try to create some form of the world, from hands.
Clay looks such as rough skin and cracks are potentially expressive media that will awaken our physical sensations such as tactile sensations.
In the act of transferring manually through my body to the ceramics which continues to memorize the given figure while having fragility, while holding the memory of the owner close to the skin and holding the memory of the owner,
In the present age where the information that overflows every day is touched by, and the existence of itself is perceived to be thin,
It may be that my unconscious desire to hide the faint feeling that is the core of our existence into a certain texture and certainty is hidden.

Text by Masami YAMAMOTO

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