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ice in canicule

 ice in canicule
Period:19th July.(thur.) - 29th July.(sun.), 2018
Etc.:Reception Party : 18:00 - 19:30 on 21st (sat.) July., 2018 / The artists will be present. Admission free.
Closed:Mondays, Tuesdays
Venue:207(Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO)

Artists: Nanae Sugimoto, Pin Maekawa

Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO is very pleased to announce our new show : a two person exhibition " Ice in Canicule " by Nanae SUGIMOTO and Pin MAJIKAWA.
SUGIMOTO has mainly used plant shaping as a theme, expressing a pale white world that is very delicate and sublime by woodblock print.
In th other hand, Pin Maegawa's new work "Winter Pool" has become a unique photographic expression, as if it had just displayed an ice block as it was. Please enjoy this cool and experimental print works of two artists, like cheeking ice in mouth under very hot season.


[ Artist statement ]

I am also interested in invisible things as well as in visible. Through visible things, I would like to create works that remind me of the invisible world. In this show, I will exhibit the works which expressed wood which the leaf fell in winter by woodcut print technique. Looking at the streaming flow of the branched branch, I can see invisible blood vessels in the body, or rivers flowing on the earth. It reminds me that the nature as the tree and river sleeps in me. The main subject in these works would be a wildness that sleeps within me.
Text by Nanae Sugimoto


About 20 years ago, I aimed for a comedian and I went up to Tokyo, but I finally gave up the stage performance and returned to my hometown. If I think back now, I feel that this experience has a big influence in starting photography. A feeling of alienation that I felt at that time, or as if I was forgotten to exist. That is how I started taking the series "Winter Pool". This time, I will exhibit works taken by "Tenkawa Mura" in the mountains of Yoshino, Nara. As a new attempt, I use a metal plate for the support. I would be pleased if you feel the air of the forgotten pool in the mountain.
Text by Pin Maekawa

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