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Hirata Tetsuaki : Arts or Science?

Hirata Tetsuaki : Arts or Science?
October 13 (Thu) - October 17 (Mon), 2022
11:00-20:00 (Until 18:00 on the last day)
open every day during the exhibition
1F Main Gallery

Hirata Tetsuaki, who ran local art projects like "Himi Click" and "Himming" in the city of Himi (Toyama Pref.), passed away suddenly, leaving a great number of structures that could be called artworks - or are they research materials?
Ever since his time as a student at Tokyo University of the Arts, Hirata made geometric paintings that seem to capture the essence of life. He began working with polyhedrons in various ways after becoming interested in the structure of Richard Buckminster Fuller's "Fuller Dome", yet despite the 15 years he spent on his work, it has rarely been shown to the public.

Hirata's work may resemble microorganisms or microfossils, while also appearing as spaceships from the future or structures built on man-made satellites. As he worked freely with the mathematical foundations of polyhedrons, perhaps he became immersed in creating these three-dimensional shapes in the momentum of approaching the essence of life and the universe.
The answer to the question of what these works represent is already unexplainable in the context of art alone, so we would like to use this exhibition as an opportunity to welcome the opinions of specialists and researchers from all kinds of fields.
In shedding light on Hirata's activities as an artist who kept searching out fundamental questions, this exhibition aims at becoming the starting point to unravelling the fascination behind his work through the perspectives of both art and science.

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Hirata Tetsuaki
1962 Born in Kagawa, Japan
1989 M.F.A. in Mural Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1993-1995 Director of Art Gallery [TRANS×TRANCE VISION]
Organized exhibitions including Ozawa Tsuyoshi "SO-DAN ART" and Tsunoda Toshiya "Sound Installation"
2004-2005 Member of the executive committee of the art project [Himi Click] / Himi, Toyama
2006- Member of the executive committee of the art project [Himming] / Himi, Toyama
ca. 2008- Started to create the works for this exhibition

Selected Exhibitions
1993 "THE GINBURART" / Outdoor exhibition, Ginza, Tokyo
2009 Solo Exhibition "Personal Public Service" / Himming Art Center, Himi, Toyama
2012 "Art Heat on Diamond Crossing" / Toyama Shimin Plaza, Toyama
2013 "Art Fixed Net Eyasaa! 2013"/ Pine Forest next to Himi Seaside Botanical Garden, Himi, Toyama
2014 "TANAKA Chuzaburo: Spirit of Life in the North of Japan" / Towada Art Center, Aomori


【Related Events】

"'Arts? Or Science?' Approaching the Mystery through the Perspective of Science"

We will invite Miyazaki Koji, a figure scientist who is delighted in the discovery of polygons, polyhedrons, and even 4-dimensional futuristic-structured artworks within relics of the past; as well as Mitani Jun, a computer graphics specialist and researcher focused on computerized origami designs; along with Hirata Yosie, who has most closely witnessed Hirata's creative process, to discuss the artist's work from a scientific perspective.

Miyazaki Koji(Kyoto University Honorary Professor, Doctorate in Engineering, Figure Science/Architectural Planning)
Mitani Jun(University of Tsukuba, Professor of System Information)
Hirata Yosie(Himi Hot Spring Village, Fish Touring Accommodation, Eihokaku 3rd Generation Proprietress)
Facilitator:Nakamura Masato(Artist, Tokyo University of the Arts Professor of Painting/Department Vice-President)

Date/Time October 15 (Sat) 16:00-17:30
Venue 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Lounge
Admission Free


"'Arts? Or Science?' Approaching the Mystery through the Perspective of the Arts"

We invite Serizawa Takashi, who translated texts by Richard Buckminster Fuller; Fuji Hiroshi, who met Hirata through the art project, "Himming", and brought his works to be exhibited at Towada Art Center; Ozawa Tsuyoshi, who interacted closely with Hirata while studying at Tokyo University of the Arts and also participated in "Himming"; as well as Hirata Yanagi, who currently studies architecture, to discuss the fascination behind Hirata's work from an artistic perspective.

Serizawa Takashi(P3 art and environment, Supervising Director)
Fuji Hiroshi (Artist, Professor at Akita University of Art, Director of Akita City Cultural Creation Center)
Ozawa Tsuyoshi (Artist, Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts)
Hirata Yanagi (Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Major, Ph.D. Candidate)

Date/Time October 16 (Sun) 15:00-17:30
Venue 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Lounge
Admission Free


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