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Alternative! Kazuko Koike Exhibition — Soft-Power Movement of Art & Design

Alternative! Kazuko Koike Exhibition — Soft-Power Movement of Art & Design
Saturday, January 22nd – Monday/National Holiday, March 21st, 2022
Preview on January 21st (Fri), 2022 *Invitation only
Last entry 18:30
Open daily *Rei Naito's work (reservation required) is closed every Monday except Monday/Holiday 21st March and Monaday 21st – Wednesday 23rd February 2022.
1,000yen / Seniors +65 and students :800yen /mupon: 800yen | Ticket is available at ticket counter and online (ArtSticker)https://artsticker.app/share/events/1062.
Students under high-school age free entry / Chiyoda city residents free entry with identification / Visitors with handicap free entry along with one escort. *Please present handicap certificate
1F Main Gallery (1F), B1F Sagacho Archives, B1F B111 and other rooms

3331 Arts Chiyoda is pleased to announce the holding of "Alternative! Kazuko Koike Exhibition -- Soft-Power Movement of Art & Design". The exhibition will be held from Saturday, January 22nd - Monday/National Holiday, March 21st, 2022

Founder of the first alternative space in Japan, Kazuko Koike led the dawn of the Japanese creative industry from the 1960s as a copywriter, editor, and planner of design-related events. Since the 1980s, she has conducted various activities in the field of art. While the alternative space "Sagacho Exhibit Space" established by Koike served as a place for emerging artists to present their works, it had inspired hope for both pure and practical thinking towards our contemporary society.

This exhibition will be divided into two areas: "Meson" and "Sagacho". They will revolve around works by artists who embodied Koike's passion for contemporary art. It will provide a comprehensive overview of work by Koike, who has cultivated the soil for nurturing artists and creators from behind the scenes -- beyond the realms of copywriting, editing, translating and curation, -- and will also present a close examination of the trajectory of artists and creators from the same period.

【Exhibition Part I: "Meson" Editing, Writing, Translation, Copywriting, Curation】
The keyword "Meson", inspired by Japan's first Novel Prize-winning subject, is chosen to symbolize Koike's work that creates new value by connecting something to another. With the aim of "visualizing" design, art, and collaborations that are not design or art but related to creation, this exhibition presents Koike's creative work focusing on archival materials.

▼Main Exhibits
・Editing/Writing Work
[Magazine] The Heibon Weekly "Weekly Fashion" (1959) / [Tabloid size] Fashion News from Hanae Mori (1966) / [Magazine] SO-EN (1966-77) and others

・Translation Work
Through the Flower: My Struggle as a Woman Artist by Judy Chicago [Japanese edition]
(1979, Parco Publishing) / Eileen Gray: Architect/Designer (1991, Libro Port/2017, Misuzu Shobo) and others

・Copywriting Work
Poster "Power Now" "Yes, No" (1968) Art Direction: Eiko Ishioka, studio 200 / Poster "We should be able to live more sensitively." (1979) Artwork: Shinro Ohtake; Art Direction: Ikko Tanaka / Seiyu Poster "Wind, Blooming Day" (1981) Art Direction: Kenichi Samura; Photography: Taishi Hirokawa / Seiyu Poster "Power for you." (1982) Art Direction: Kenichi Samura; Photography: Taishi Hirokawa and others

・Various Curation Work
"Romantic Costumes" (The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, 1980) / "Frida Kahlo" (Seibu Museum of Art, 1989) / "City of Girls" for the Japan Pavilion at Venice Biennale: International Architecture Exhibition (2000) / "Ikko Tanaka and Future/Past/East/West of Design" (21_21 Design Sight, 2012), etc.

"MUJI" was launched in 1980 as a private brand of Seiyu, with the aim of reviewing the basics of life. This exhibition will overview Koike's work as a copywriter from the launch of the brand until the present day.

▼Main Exhibits: Posters which Koike was involved in copywriting/Publications and Pamphlets/TV commercials (1981) etc.

【Exhibition Part II: "Sagacho"】
Sagacho Exhibit Space, which was established in 1983 as Japan's first alternative space in Eitaibashi, Tokyo, is known as the incubator for contemporary artists that are active in and out of Japan today. Until it's closure in 2000, 106 exhibitions, performances and other art activities have been realized. This exhibition will present numerous valuable works that were exhibited in the space at that time.

・Exhibiting Artists
Shinro Ohtake, Masao Okabe, Masashi Katayama, Kento Koganezawa, Katsuya Komagata, Shelagh Keeley, Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver, Tokihiro Sato × Kiwao Nomura, Miho Shirai × Yu Hamada, Yoshio Shirakawa, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Fumio Tachibana [Venue: B111 (B1F)], Rei Naito [Venue: Sagacho Archives (B1F) *Reservations required for viewing], Koichi Makigami, Yasumasa Morimura, Tadanori Yokoo, Mika Yoshizawa, Jårg Geismar ○Photographs: Masayuki Hayashi "Fixed-Point Observation"

<Rei Naito "One Place on the Earth" 1991/2022>
In this exhibition, Rei Naito's "One Place on the Earth" 1991/2022 will be exhibited at "sagacho archives" (B1F B110). Reservations are required for viewing.

"One Place on the Earth" 1991/2022
Hours: 11:00-16:00
Closed: Every Monday (except 3/21) and Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd February 2022.
Venue: sagacho archives (B1F B110)
Support:Taka Ishii Gallery
Reservation: Please make a reservation through the Peatix website.
22nd January - 30th January
1st February - 10th February
11th February - 20th February

■Please read before making a reservation
*Viewing is by reservation only. Each person is limited to 10 minutes. Please note that no one without a reservation will be admitted to the viewing.
*To view "One Place on the Earth" 1991/2022, you need an exhibition ticket for "Alternative! Kazuko Koike Exhibition" Please purchase a ticket at the reception desk on the first floor.
*Please come to the venue "sagacho archives" (B1F B110) at least 5 minutes before your reserved time. Reservation will be cancelled if you arrive after the reserved time or are unable to show up.
*Only one reservation per person is accepted.
*If you wish to view this work for the second or subsequent time, you will need to make a new reservation and purchase an exhibition ticket again.
*No food, drink, or photography will be allowed in the venue.

Related event
【Performance by Koichi Makigami "OPEN WIDE"】
Performance by Koichi Makigami, leader of the band HIKASHU. Koichi Makigami and HIKASHU have created the song "Nani mo kamo odore", which was presented along with works by Nobutaka Kotake and others at Sagacho Exhibit Space in 1987. This performance is one of the exhibits of this exhibition.

Performer: Koichi Makigami (Vocalist, Songwriter, Poet, Producer) , MAKIGAMISANTACHI
Date: Wednesday/Holiday, 23rd February 2022
Performance begins at 2 pm [Doors open at 1:30 pm] end at 3:20 pm(tentative)
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Community Space
Fee: 3,000 yen
Capacity: 35 people *Reservations required
Reservations: https://makigami-alternative-3331.peatix.com/
*Please show your reservation details at the reception on the day.
*This event will not be live streamed.
*No food, drink or photography in the venue.

1. Opening Goethe's Hole
Koichi Makigami Solo Super Vocal Performance
2. Memories from Blue Banana Bar
Koichi Makigami Electronics/Mita Freeman Electronics/Masami Sakaide Electronics

【Outline of the Exhibition】
Dates: Saturday, January 22nd - Monday/National Holiday, March 21st, 2022
Hours: 11:00-19:00 (last entry 18:30)
Close: Open daily * Rei Naito's work (reservation required) is closed every Monday (except 3/21) and Tuesday 22nd - Wednesday 23rd February 2022.
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda Main Gallery (1F), sagacho archives (B1F), B111(B1F) and other rooms
Organizer: 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Admission: 1,000yen / Seniors(+65) and students :800yen /mupon: 800yen
Ticket is available at ticket counter and online (ArtSticker).
Endorsed by: Chiyoda City, Chiyoda City Tourism Association, Embassy of Canada, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Special sponsor: Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.
Sponsor: PARCO CO., LTD.
Support: Heibonsha Limited, Publishers, The Kyoto Costume Institute, DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion,
Granted by: The Japan Arts Council

【Related event】
・Video Director Mayumi Komatsu has created a video work that offers an insight into Koike's character. There will be a special screening of the work in the exhibition space.
・An archive and special project room planned by Heso will be opened outside the exhibition area.
・In addition, we will hold various talk sessions with guest speakers who are related to Kazuko Koike. (Details of these events will be released on the special site and SNS's later)

【Countermeasures against COVID-19】
・During the thorough period for taking basic measures over COVID-19, 3331 Arts Chiyoda continues to limit the use of space as below to prevent resurgence of COVID-19 infection. Updates will be continually posted on our website (https://www.3331.jp) and SNS in consideration of the coming situation. Before visiting the venue, please be sure to check the information on measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and requests for visitors.
・Please note that the number of visitors may be limited to avoid crowding in the exhibition rooms.
・Please note that the schedule may be subject to change without notice.

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