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3331 GALLERY #043 3331 ART FAIR recommended artists × AIR 3331 Kenichi Ishiguro Solo Exhibition「FOOLS GOLD」

3331 GALLERY #043 3331 ART FAIR recommended artists × AIR 3331  Kenichi Ishiguro Solo Exhibition「FOOLS GOLD」
November 26 (Fri), 2021 - February 13 (Sun), 2022
The last day closing at 18:00
Open throughout exhibition period except New Year's days.

3331 ART FAIR 2020 will hold the solo exhibition "FOOLS GOLD" by Kenichi Ishiguro, who was selected as a recommended artist.
Ishiguro is an artist who considers aspects rooted in the land, such as historical subjects and materials, as resources, for which he creates "nodal points" through sculpture and moving image. With concerns surrounding minerals and lost technologies at the axis of his work, Ishiguro is developing an installation wherein those objects, which have yet to encounter each other, can interrelate. This is a special project in collaboration with AIR 3331, the artist-in-residence program of 3331 Arts Chiyoda.
While in residence with AIR 3331, Ishiguro chose the towns surrounding 3331 Arts Chiyoda--including Akihabara, Kanda and Okachimachi--as his research fields. We welcome you to 3331 Gallery to see the results of Ishiguro's residency, produced by "mining" resources within the locality and culture of his environs, and the information gathered from the people he encountered there.



Kenichi Ishiguro

Have you heard the phrase "fool's gold" before? The origin of this phrase is from an anecdote about a different mineral called pyrite, which was mistaken for gold and collected by many explorers arriving during the Age of Discovery. In contemporary times, the phrase has come to mean a "trick" or "deception".
However, in recent years, pyrite has been found to exhibit special electrical properties, and is now being studied as a semiconductor material. We could say that values change with the times. This relates to one of the most fascinating and foolish aspects of contemporary art. I often find that one person's trash is my irreplicable treasure. Living in the city, I've witnessed a constant flow of value and resources. I spent about a month "mining" various phenomenon in Chiyoda Ward, the political and economic center of Tokyo, Japan. In the experimental site of the exhibition, each element combines in a kind of alchemy, and may yield something with a golden shine.
I hope that what is fool's gold to some will be true gold for you.

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Born in Kanagawa Japan 1986. Kenichi Ichiguro received two Master's degrees from Hiroshima city university (2011) and Kyoto university of the arts Global Seminar (2020). He has been organizing and working in the share studio, named "Yamanaka Suplex" in Otsu city, located on Mount Hiei lying between the Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures.


The Dreams of Bird and Fish Seen after One Hundred Years, 2021
Still image from video

Contributed text for Exhibition

Industrial products discarded as waste are being transformed into new resources. It is now widely known that various recycling laws are being enforced, and that precious metals from waste products are being reclaimed. Hence, Tokyo, where many metals are discarded every day, is a large-scale urban mine of hidden resources.
Incidentally, contemporary art also lends itself well to uncovering meanings that differ from the original purpose of now useless things, contributing new value. Insignificant things gain alternative value when exposed to unknown settings and independent interpretations.
Ishiguro has been excavating the urban mine of Tokyo. What kind of cycle will he render from the things he has mined, the gold, and the aesthetic values therein?

ー Fumiko Nakamura (Curator, Aichi Prefectual Museum of Art)
Artist talk *To be streamed at a later date.