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3331 Arts Chiyoda special exhibition “Early 90's TOKYO ART SQUAD”

3331 Arts Chiyoda special exhibition “Early 90's TOKYO ART SQUAD”
Reopen on June 8 (Mon)
Open daily
800 yen
Advance ticket 500yen *See here for details and purchase method: ArtSticker (URL: artsticker.app)
1F 3331 Gallery, B1F B111

URL: https://90s-archive.3331.jp/

The exhibition welcomes a reinvestigation by Ms. Min Nishihara of a young generation of artists whose activities were centered in Tokyo during the early to late 1990's. It reflects on their boundary breaking use of streets and alternative spaces as a stage for dynamic actions that dug deep in search for new culture. Consisting of videos and records from the era, as well as reconstructions of artworks and footage of artist interviews, the exhibition presents archives that are the essential core to these activities.

[Summary of Exhibition]
In 1989 the Berlin Wall literally collapsed. Meanwhile in Japan, the 80's marked the end of the Showa Era. March 1991 to October 1993 signals the first cultural setback encountered by Japan's post-war generation - the burst of the economic bubble. Many artists whose works are displayed in this exhibition grew up along the upwards line on the graph of the high growth period GDP. When they tried to take a step into society, the ground beneath their feet was very unstable.
What was happening in Tokyo during the early 90's? The artists of the time did not necessarily form groups*, nor can be categorized by any particular movement. To date, no appropriate title for them exists. Even artists in today's scene, who are now active in Japan and across the world, did not have anything during those days. However, one certain quality is that they gathered and discussed repeatedly. They asked questions like - "What are we doing?", "What should we be doing?", "How far should we take it?", "What is art?"
This exhibition attempts to investigate what made it possible for these early 90's artists, driven full of vigor, to unleash art projects right in the streets. I see their gathered works as the portrait of a "Squad", a group of artists that tried to light the flame of art in all the people they encountered.

Exhibition Curator: Min Nishihara

[Exhibition Content]
3331 Gallery (1F 104) | Art Exhibition
This section introduces the guerilla actions spread throughout the streets of the first half of the 90's, as well as the key exhibitions of the decade. The era's artworks and its archival photos are re-shown, gathered for the first time within the white cube space of the gallery. Wavering between moments of record and memory, visitors will be met with the 90's youthful energy and spirit of challenge, along with its irregular shape made up of both strategies and conflicts in art.

B1F B111 | Archive Exhibition / Event Venue / 90's Archive Room @ 3331 on Progress
The venue includes footage of interviews conducted by the exhibition curator Min Nishihara, as well as video recordings of "The Ginburart" and "Shinjuku Shonen Art" (filmed by Kazuhiko Hachiya / includes Jp & Eng subtitles). Moreover, Hideki Nakazawa himself has organized his valuable personal archives from the era and will open up the "90's Archive Room @ 3331 on Progress" for the public to bring in their own archives. Along with the exhibition, talk events will be held involving artists, participants, and those that drove the art scene. Combining these various angles, we attempt at reinvestigating and archiving the 90's.

Makoto AIDA, Keiko IIDA, Atsushi ITO, Shigeaki IWAI, Muneteru UJINO, Oscar OIWA, Satoshi OKUDA, Tsuyoshi OZAWA, Shingo SUZUKI, Yutaka SONE, Yasuhiro TAKEUCHI, Hideki NAKAZAWA, Kunio NAKAMURA, Masato NAKAMURA, Kazuhiko HACHIYA, Peter BELLARS, Miran FUKUDA , Hiroyuki MATSUKAGE, MOJOWORK

[Interviews / Resource Providers] Azby BROWN, Tsutomu IKEUCHI, Yukie KAMIYA, Shin KUROSAWA, Tomio KOYAMA, Chelin, Masami SHIRAISHI, Yumi TAKAISHI, Yasuta HAYASHI, Parco KINOSHITA, Tatsuo MAJIMA, Kei YONEYAMA