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Masato Nakamura “Luminous Despair" Nakamura and Murakami Exhibition / The Ginburart / Shinjuku Shonen Art / Akihabara TV / KANDADA / 3331 Arts Chiyoda / TRANS ARTS TOKYO

Masato Nakamura “Luminous Despair" Nakamura and Murakami Exhibition / The Ginburart / Shinjuku Shonen Art / Akihabara TV / KANDADA / 3331 Arts Chiyoda / TRANS ARTS TOKYO
October 10 (Sat) - November 23 (Mon) 2015
Last entry 19:30
Open daily
800 yen
1F Main Gallery

Artist Masato Nakamura's first solo exhibition in 10 years

Shot between Korea and Japan from 1989-94, Masato Nakamura releases a vast collection photos over twenty years later.
From glimpses into his studio as a student in Korea to the myriad of expressions of contemporary artists that would simultaneously cut open Tokyo's art scene, and the objects that existed silently amongst everyday cityscape. Whether as an artist or individual, Nakamura's keen vision captures an increasingly complex culture over time, unfolding from the interconnected actions of each and every being. It's a vision reflected in the finely tuned gaze of an artist facing the world; a display of candid sensitivity towards the creative energy existing within the city. The exposition offers in critical spirit, an attempt to perceive afresh the artistic framework underlying the social experiments that Nakamura has been involved with in recent years - from developing diverse art projects to 3331 Arts Chiyoda in particular.

Moreover, the show imparts valuable insight into the era's art scene, carved by the vivid energy of contemporary artists, gallerist and editors by the likes of Makoto Aida, Nakao Ikemiya, Iwai Sigeaki, Ozawa Tsuyoshi, Hideki Nakazawa, Kazuhiko Hachiya, Tsutomu Ikeuchi, Tomio Koyama, and Min Nishihara. Though premature in the lens of art history, artists, curators and critics who lived the era will be invited for panel discussion surrounding the Japanese art scene of the early '90s. Further, two new series of installation artwork will be revealed.

Please stay tuned for what will be the first presentation in 10 years of new artwork from artist Masato Nakamura.
In addition, this exhibition will be held in conjunction with TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2015.

Masato Nakamura
Born in Akita, Japan, 1963. Artist and Associate Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts (Department of Oil Painting).
As a socially conscious artist, Masato Nakamura works to catalyze projects addressing relationships
between society and art. In 2002, Nakamura represented Japan at the 49th Venice Biennale.
In addition to leading the artist initiative Command N since 1998, Nakamura has developed
a multitude of local revitalization art projects throughout Japan, including Himi City (Toyama) and Odate City (Akita).

After establishing project space "KANDADA" (2005 - 2009), Nakamura founded the artist-run alternative art center
"3331 Arts Chiyoda" (Akihabara / Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) in June 2010. Publications include "Art and Education"
and many more. Awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Art Encouragement Prize
in 2010. Launched the earthquake reconstruction support project "WAWA Project" in 2011 and "TRANS ARTS TOKYO"
in 2012, aimed at elevating creative activity within the Kanda area of Tokyo.

Special Events "The '90s: Panel Series"
A retrospective series of panel discussions regarding the art scene of the early '90s.
Starting with artists, critics and gallerists active alongside Masato Nakamura during the '90s,
young artists and curators driving the art scene of today will also be invited as speakers.

>Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Lounge
>Date&Time: July 29 (Wednesday) 2015
17:00-18:00 / Joint Press Conference : Masato Nakamura Solo Exhibition & TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2015
18:30-20:00 / Symposium: "The Tokyo Art Scene: From the '90s to 2020"


Symposium: "The Tokyo Art Scene: From the '90s to 2020"
Both the art scene of the '90s and of today are stacked and analyzed,
all under the shadow of the upcoming 2020 Olympics.
In a time when the keywords of "art x industry x community" gain increasing importance for culture,
those with heavy social influence from respective scenes will gather for an exchange of perspective.

Seiichi Saito (Rhizomatiks Creative & Digital Director)
Hideki Nakazawa (Artist)
Katsuhiko Hibino (Artist)
Yoshikazu Yamagata (writtenafterwards Designer)
Masato Nakamura (Artist)

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*Numerous events are set to be held throughout the exhibition.
The latest details will be sequentially released on our website.