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Exhibition “PAC-MAN──80's to 10's Game & Culture”

Exhibition “PAC-MAN──80's to 10's Game & Culture”
2 October (Saturday),2010 - 11 October (Sunday),2010
12:00-19:00 (Friday/Saturday)12:00-21:00
Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.
1F Main Gallery

Pacman Exhibition
It is now 30 years since the birth of Pacman and still this character continues to be loved around the world. In this exhibition, a first of its kind, the world of Pacman will be introduced not only in its original form of computer game but also through 3D video, talk events, animation screenings, and art work based upon the Pacman motif, presenting the Pacman of the past and present, from different perspectives from around the world.

Exhibition Key Features
◆The original Pacman game launched in 1980, along with international variations and rare arcade video games for you to enjoy playing.
◆Display of over 100 titles of computer software and home gaming hardware including some which you can try out yourself
◆A special preview of a 3D Animation pilot video currently in production for television broadcast . Preview on Saturdays & Sundays only.
◆Exhibition of products, design and art works borrowing the motif of pacman, also to include the famous work by Andy Warhol based on the theme of "Japan".
◆Pacman Fever America 1980'S symbol TV animation "The PAC-MAN Show" 20 episodes
◆The latest object based work of French artist Nicolas Buffe as well as art work by Japanese artists
◆Pacman related talk events and seminars
◆The sale of pacman, tshirts cookies etc as well as special nail art and embroidery sessions on Saturdays.